General Information

Use of Pension Capital

You can also make an advance withdrawal or pledge of
2nd or 3rd pillar pension for your share of equity capital.

Advance Withdrawal and Pledge of 2nd Pillar Employee Benefits Insurance

You can make an advance withdrawal or pledge of your employee benefits insurance, based on a law established for the promotion of home ownership. Both options have different effects on your 2nd pillar pension benefits. While advance withdrawal reduces your pension benefits, with a pledge you can keep your full pension benefits. With an advanced withdrawal, you reduce the amount of your mortgage capital and thus your interest burden.

Advance Withdrawal and Pledge of 3rd Pillar Private Pension Provision

Savings held in 3rd pillar accounts and/or savings with securities or life insurance can be used as equity capital to purchase or construct a home that you are going to live in as your main residence. An advance withdrawal or pledge is possible in this case as well.

Maintain Perspective with Expert Advice

We recommend a consultation with our financing experts if you plan to use pension capital as your equity capital. They can provide you with detailed options, advantages and disadvantages and support you in finding the best financing solution.

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