Products Funds – the Diversified Investment Solution for Private Clients

Funds – the Diversified Investment Solution for Private Clients

Want to invest your money broadly and effectively? Using investment funds you can invest together with other investors and broadly diversify your portfolio.

Funds are broadly diversified

Invest in Investment Funds According to Your Requirements

Looking for a way to continuously increase your assets and keep them diversified? Perhaps you are planning to purchase your own home in the next few years but in the meantime want to use this capital to achieve returns in the financial markets? Then funds could be a possible financial investment for you.

In Switzerland there are investment funds to suit almost every requirement including ETFs, index funds, real estate funds, and investment funds. Which is the right option for you depends on how long you want to invest your assets, what return you are aiming for, and how much risk you are willing to take.

Funds Are Broadly Diversified

Funds allow you as an investor to profit from the financial markets and decide on your investment strategy for yourself. How much capital you put into the investment is also your decision. It is possible to invest even small amounts.

The risk associated with funds is usually lower than that associated with equities because you are investing in a product that comprises several investments. Your assets are therefore broadly diversified. The likelihood of a total loss is therefore considerably lower than if you purchase equities in only one company.


Credit Suisse reviews over 10,000 funds and offers its clients a selection of its own products as well as products from third-party suppliers.

Funds in Brief

Discover key information about funds, their structure, and how you can invest in them.

What Types of Funds Are Available?

There are actively managed funds for different asset classes, e.g. equity, bonds, and money market funds. Funds with alternative investments or hedge funds are also generally actively managed by a fund manager. Credit Suisse constantly analyzes which markets are best to invest in and with what type of investment, and checks which are suitable for you.

In addition to actively managed funds, there are also passively controlled variants known as exchange traded funds or index funds. Their fees are often lower because the fund is modeled on only one stock exchange index or one underlying asset, such as gold. ETFs are traded on the stock exchange. There are also index funds that are not traded on the stock exchange and are directly issued by financial institutions.

Wealth management funds combine various asset classes – such as equities, bonds, and alternative investments – in one investment solution. They are available with various risk profiles. The fund manager actively manages the fund and varies the weighting of the investment classes to take into account the developments in the financial markets and deliver the best result for you.

Long-Term Wealth Planning with Our Investment Fund Savings Plan

Potential Risks

Funds are simple, proven, versatile investment instruments. However, they also involve certain risks. Credit Suisse would be glad to support you with its expertise to minimize the risks in your investment decision.

Market Risk

You are investing in various financial markets and are exposed to price fluctuations in these markets.

Foreign Exchange Risk

Investing in a variety of financial markets can carry foreign exchange risks. Currency-hedged fund classes incur hedging costs.

Low Influence

Investment decisions within the fund / wealth management fund are made by the fund management team and cannot be influenced.

Counterparty Risk in the Case of ETFs

Individual instruments that can include a fund may pose a counterparty risk. This applies in particular to ETFs, which synthetically replicate an index.