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Invest in Shares

Invest in Shares

As a shareholder, you participate in a company’s success. You benefit from stock price increases. Many corporations also pay shareholders a dividend from their net profit. You can earn more with shares than with savings accounts over the long term, but they are also more volatile. We’ll show you how to supplement your portfolio with shares.

Understanding Shares

As a shareholder, you have rights in a company including the right to vote, share in the profits and participate in stock splits. Shares – also known as stocks or equities – generally trade on the stock market. They are best used as long-term investments due to possible price fluctuations.

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Understanding Shares

What You Need to Know about Shares

If you want to invest directly in a publicly traded company, you should know the following words and their meanings.

  • Large caps vs. small caps

  • Dividends

  • Share categories

Five Tips for Your Investment Strategy

Be realistic about the likely returns. More return generally means higher risk. We’ll explain what to consider when buying shares and adding to your portfolio.

  • 1. Spread your risk

  • 2. Be patient

  • 3. Know your limits

  • 4. Stick to your strategy

  • 5. Be wary of hot tips

Avoid Risk

Shares hold the potential for big returns over the long term, but they also pose risks and follow market ups and downs. It helps to carefully diversify your portfolio and avoid concentration risks.

  • Potential loss

  • Market risk

  • Credit risk

  • Liquidity risk

  • Foreign exchange risk

  • Concentration risk