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Vested Benefits Safekeeping Account

You’ll enjoy higher-return opportunities with our Vested benefits safekeeping account – 2nd pillar. We'll develop a solution together with you that will enable you to profitably invest your 2nd pillar vested benefits in securities.


Opportunity for higher long-run returns


Large product selection


No extra safekeeping fees, other than the all-in fee*


Sustainable pension solutions

Vested Benefits Safekeeping Account

Vested Benefits Safekeeping Account


We provide a broad spectrum of actively managed and indexed securities solutions.
You can choose from among seven investment groups in our CSA Mixta-BVG product range.


We have investment groups for every risk profile and investment horizon.
Our securities solutions put the opportunity for higher returns within your grasp.


Sustainable pension provision with attractive potential returns

The actively managed securities solutions (with the exception of the CSA Mixta-BVG Basic investment group) have a focus on sustainability. When assessing the sustainability of an investment, we apply the ESG criteria widely used in the financial sector. In practice, ESG criteria have been shown to be a key indicator of a company's long-term quality. ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. By choosing the ESG-aligned CSA Mixta-BVG investment groups for your pension provision, you are not only contributing to the well-being of future generations, but you are also able to benefit from higher potential returns. 

Select Your Investment Group


CSA Mixta-BVG Basic

(security no. 1486149)


30% mortgages
38% bonds
27% real estate
5% money market

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CSA Mixta-BVG Defensiv

(security no. 788833)


25% shares
59% bonds
11% real estate
5% money market


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CSA Mixta-BVG         

(security no. 287570)


35% shares
51% bonds
9% real estate
5% money market

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CSA Mixta-BVG Maxi

(security no. 888066)


45% shares
43% bonds
7% real estate
5% money market


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Possible Risks

Unlike a regular account solution, securities investments entail possible risks.

3 Easy Steps to Sign up for a Vested Benefits Safekeeping Account

Sign up online for a new Vested benefits safekeeping account – 2nd pillar. It’s easy!


Open the form

Open the online form by clicking "Order now".


Enter details

Enter your details in the form and state that you want to receive documents for a 2nd pillar vested benefits safekeeping account.


Use the safekeeping account

You’ll receive all the documents in the mail. Once you’ve signed the documents and returned them to us, you’ll be able to use your new 2nd pillar vested benefits safekeeping account with Credit Suisse.

Account or Safekeeping Account. Your Benefits

The choice is yours. Choose our 2nd pillar vested benefits account for maximum security – or our 2nd pillar vested benefits safekeeping account for higher return opportunities.

Safekeeping account

  • Attractive return opportunities
  • No extra safekeeping fees, issuing or redemption commissions other than the all-in fee*
  • Large product selection

*The all-in fee relates only to the investment group concerned. Investments in investment groups require a Vested benefits account. An account fee of CHF 9 per quarter will be charged for each Vested benefits account.