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Credit Suisse Invest Expert

Credit Suisse Invest Expert

You’re an avid investor who actively seizes market opportunities. Credit Suisse Invest Expert provides high-touch service and a tailored investment solution. You’ll be supported by your client advisor and an investment specialist. The specialist can contact you daily so you can act on market opportunities quickly and get early risk warnings.

We are still here for you.

For you, our valued clients, there is currently no need to take any action. There are no changes regarding your conditions or contractual terms, and you continue to have access to your accounts, securities, and other banking services.

We are fully focused on ensuring a smooth transition and seamless experience for you. We look forward to continuing to advise you and are committed to keeping you informed in a timely fashion about any further developments relevant to you. Thank you for your loyalty.

Personal investment consultant

Regular portfolio quality review

Risk and investment opportunity alerts

Credit Suisse Invest Expert. Our Service

You want to do your own investing. We’ll support you with full-service investment portfolio management.

  • Support and interaction

  • Monitoring and reporting

  • Performance reporting

  • Ideas and services

  • Online services & trading

  • Pricing and transparency

Schedule a Consultation

We look forward to advising you one-on-one. For questions and appointments, you can reach us during normal business hours at this number:

Schedule a Consultation

* For security reasons and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded. Standard connection rates apply (Swisscom). Mobile phone and foreign rates as well as the charges of other providers may vary. 

Harness Expertise. Make Decisions

Harness Expertise. Make Decisions

With Credit Suisse Invest Expert, you’ll have a personal investment consultant to serve as your investing sparring partner. He or she will develop a personal investment strategy with you and proactively contact you with investment advice regarding opportunities and potential risks. That way, you can seize opportunities – and avoid risks – as soon as they emerge.

Learn about the Risks

Opportunities go hand in hand with risks. It's important to us that you assess these risks correctly. Find out more now.

3 Steps To Your Investment

You can grow your wealth over the long term with a Credit Suisse wealth management fund. Put your trust in solid assets and an optimized investment process.


Select a suitable investment solution

Take a moment to consider what you expect from an investment. Then, based on your responses, select an investment type that might work for you.


Contact us

Schedule a consultation online or call us at 0848 844 007*. Our advisors will contact you as soon as possible.


Find a professional investment strategy

Sit down with one of our advisors to determine what you demand from your investments and what strategy will be the most profitable for you.

Our Credit Suisse Invest Packages

No matter whether you wish to exploit market opportunities daily supported by experts or review your investment strategy annually with your personal advisor: Our CS Invest solutions are oriented to your needs, your investment objectives, and your asset situation. You can rely on the know-how of our financial experts in choosing the right solution.

Credit Suisse Invest Expert

  • Personal investment consultant in addition to personal advisor
  • Custom strategy and implementation
  • Proactive communications about current investment opportunities and potential risks
  • Attractive transaction fees
  • Monthly portfolio quality report

Factsheet (PDF)

Tariff sheets (PDF)

Credit Suisse Invest Partner

  • Personal advisor
  • Regular alerts about current investment opportunities
  • Attractive transaction fees
  • Portfolio quality reports four times a year

Credit Suisse Invest Compact

  • Personal advisor
  • Monthly update on market and economic news
  • Annual strategy review
  • Simple, transparent pricing

The Choice Is Yours

Credit Suisse Invest Solutions

With our Credit Suisse Invest Compact, Partner and Expert solutions, you get as much investment advice as you need. If you prefer to define the investment strategy but leave the actual investment decisions to the professionals, we recommend a different investment solution: Credit Suisse Invest Mandate.