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Engaging in your future.

Having a good plan. That's what really matters.

Our Life Plan ​advice will support you through every phase of your financial life planning, thus ensuring that you always make the right decisions for yourself.

Life Plan advice for every phase of your life

Fulfilling your dreams

  • Take advantage of our investment counseling
  • Receive professional asset management
  • Systematic investments with long-term return opportunities
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Working life

  • Keeping pension benefits in mind when changing jobs
  • Planning purchases of pension benefits
  • Choosing the right pension solution for self-employment

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Starting a family

  • Closing pension gaps in cases of part-time work
  • Ensuring loved ones are financially prepared for the unexpected
  • Taking additional precautions in cases of cohabitation

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Home ownership

  • Determining an optimal borrowing limit
  • Reviewing the option of indirect repayment
  • Closing pension gaps in cases of advance withdrawals for residential property

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  • Adjust your accounts and powers of attorney
  • Split up your pension fund and pillar 3a account
  • Plan your own asset growth

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Retirement planning

  • Planning assets for maintaining your standard of living in old age
  • Selecting a retirement age and model
  • Optimizing taxes with staggered withdrawals
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Launching your career

  • Paying off debts and sorting out emergency savings
  • Closing potential AHV contribution gaps from time spent completing studies or living abroad
  • Opening a 3rd pillar and making deposits and investments
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Our advice for everything that life has in store:

With our Life Plan ​advice, we help you to achieve your financial goals. We look forward to hearing from you.

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My first assets – the smart way to start building wealth

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My first assets

Be prepared. For every stage of your life – that's what really matters.