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Music to our ears. Sponsoring classical music.

We are the proud partners and sponsors of several internationally renowned concert houses and their lineups. From Zurich and Moscow to Beijing and Sydney. We are making classical music as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. Our support of national festivals rounds out our commitment to music.


© Yannick Andrea

Davos Festival

The Davos Festival was founded in 1986 as a platform for highly talented young musicians from around the world, and its "young artists in concert" concept has since made Davos a mecca for young musicians for three weeks every year. From its start, Credit Suisse has been a main sponsor of the festival.

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© Priska Ketterer

Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich

In 1999, the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich achieved international renown when it won the German Record Critics' Award for its recording of the complete Beethoven symphonies. Founded in 1868, the orchestra performs some 50 programs in approximately 100 concerts a year at the Tonhalle Zurich, a concert hall that is considered an acoustic masterpiece. The Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich also makes guest appearances in Switzerland, performs concert tours abroad, and records numerous CDs. Credit Suisse has been partner of the orchestra since 1986 and sponsors the "tonhalleLATE" concert series intended for younger audiences.

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© Dominic Büttner

Zurich Opera House

Zurich Opera House is regarded as one of the world's most successful music theaters. Each year, it plays host to around 300 operatic and ballet performances, concerts and song recitals with top-class performers. Credit Suisse has been a partner of the Zurich Opera House since 1989 and supports two new productions each season. Credit Suisse also supports communication and education projects such as "Club Jung," which is aimed at audiences between the ages of 16 and 26.

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Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

The Orchestre de la Suisse Romande enjoys an excellent international reputation. Founded in 1918, the orchestra boasts a long history marked with numerous premieres of works by composers such as Benjamin Britten, Claude Debussy, Arthur Honegger, and Igor Stravinsky. The orchestra performs mostly in Geneva and Lausanne. Credit Suisse has been the main sponsor of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande since 1991.

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© Priska Ketterer

Lucerne Festival

Lucerne Festival traces its origins back to 1938 when Arturo Toscanini conducted a memorable gala concert in front of Richard Wagner's onetime residence at the Tribschen estate. The following decades saw the rise of one of the world's leading music festivals, and Lucerne has played host to major orchestras, conductors and soloists from around the globe. Credit Suisse has been the festival's main sponsor since 1993, and part of its commitment is to support concerts given by the Vienna Philharmonic and the Lakeside Symphony – the beloved opening concert projected on the big screen outdoors for the public at Inseli Park in Lucerne. In addition, the Jubilee Fund of the Credit Suisse Foundation confers the Credit Suisse Young Artist Award and the Prix Credit Suisse Jeunes Solistes in alternating years with the aim of promoting young artists in Switzerland and from countries around the world.

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© Regina Jäger

Musikkollegium Winterthur

Musikkollegium Winterthur, founded in 1629, is one of the most venerable institutions of its type in Europe. It has been a professional ensemble since the 19th century. Today, alongside works of the 20th century, classical and early romantic works form a focus in the repertoire of the ensemble of 50 musicians. Credit Suisse has been the main sponsor since 2005.

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© Tanja Dorendorf / T+T Fotografie

St. Gallen Festival

The St. Gallen Festival was held for the first time in the summer of 2006. The centerpiece of the festival is an open-air production staged in the courtyard of the St. Gallen monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The opera performance in the courtyard of the abbey is complemented by a dance event in the cathedral and a concert program that provides a forum for early music. Credit Suisse has been a sponsor of the St. Gallen Festival since it was founded in 2006.

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© Künstlerhaus Boswil

Künstlerhaus Boswil

The Künstlerhaus Boswil is a live music venue and one of the leading cultural institutions in the Canton of Aargau. Its master concert cycle, summer festival, and academy program have earned it wide acclaim. With a broad, ambitious program, the Künstlerhaus Boswil is devoted to the promotion of classical as well as contemporary music. The Künstlerhaus Boswil is also home to the Aargau Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Freiamt Youth Orchestra, both of which perform there on a regular basis.

Credit Suisse has been the main sponsor of the Aargau Youth Symphony Orchestra since 2007.

Go to the Künstlerhaus Boswil website

Beijing Music Festival

Since its founding in 1998, the Beijing Music Festival has developed into one of the premier cultural events in Asia; it is held annually and usually spans about 30 days in October and November. It is primarily dedicated to classical music and attracts artists and audiences from all four corners of the globe. Credit Suisse is a founding sponsor of the Beijing Music Festival and has supported it since 1999. In addition, the bank is Title Sponsor of the Credit Suisse Night, promotes the Classics for Kids concert series, and organizes the Credit Suisse Forum.

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© Bolshoi/Damir Yusupov

Bolshoi Theatre

For more than 30 years, Credit Suisse has been committed to supporting best-in-class cultural organizations around the world, while sharing its clients' passion for classical music and fine arts.

In 2006, Credit Suisse started a very special sponsorship with the crown jewel of Russian culture – the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Sharing the Bolshoi's values of never-ending search for perfection and innovation, we draw inspiration from our cultural partner and strive to contribute to its further development and growth. Credit Suisse supports the Bolshoi in its constant pursuit to bring new theatrical treasures to the stage, regularly raising the bar to amaze the most sophisticated Russian and international audiences. In 2019 as the Privileged Sponsor to the Theatre we also present a new joint award for young opera singers.

During its 243-year history, the Theatre has managed to stay on the cutting edge and to retain its status as a sought-after destination for the most acclaimed singers, dancers, directors, and theatre enthusiasts from all over the world.

Go to the Bolshoi Theatre website

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Established in 1932, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is the resident orchestra at the iconic Sydney Opera House. It performs over 200 times each year and reaches an audience of more than 350,000. In the 1930s, the orchestra became famous under the direction of Antal Dorati and Sir Thomas Beecham. Soloists appearing with the orchestra included Artur Rubinstein, Bronislaw Huberman, and Anne-Sophie Mutter. The Sydney Symphony is Australia's flagship orchestra, and its principal conductor is David Robertson. In its role as Premier Partner, Credit Suisse supports the Fellowship Program and the Assistant Conductor Position of the orchestra, as well as the Sydney Symphony Gala Concerts.

Since 2017, Credit Suisse is also the sponsor of the Credit Suisse Sydney Symphony Orchestra Music Education Program, an initiative to bring a structured music education program to six primary schools in Sydney and Melbourne. The program aims to improve the overall learning opportunities for young students and create a long-lasting culture of music in their communities.

Go to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra website

© Manuela Jans

Young Talents

The "Credit Suisse Young Artist Award" and the "Prix Credit Suisse Jeunes Solistes" are awarded to outstanding young soloists in recognition of their exceptional achievements. The prizes are conferred by the Credit Suisse Foundation Jubilee Fund and the Lucerne Festival, together with the Vienna Philharmonic and the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde (Society of Music Friends) in Vienna, and the Konferenz Musikhochschulen Schweiz respectively. Since 2004 the Jubilee Fund has also supported the unique Swiss Young Musicians' Competition, which forms the base of the musical sponsorship pyramid.

Other Commitments