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Our business divisions

The Group is organized into four divisions – Wealth Management, Investment Bank, Swiss Bank and Asset Management – and four geographic regions – Switzerland, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific and Americas.

  • Wealth Management

  • Investment Bank

  • Swiss Bank

  • Asset Management

Corporate functions

Our operating businesses are supported by focused corporate functions at the Group Executive Board level. The bank’s corporate functions partner with the divisions and regions as part of our effort to provide effective collaboration, management and control oversight.

Chief Financial Officer The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) function actively manages the bank’s capital, funding, liquidity and expenses to ensure Credit Suisse is well-capitalized and has a strong balance sheet. CFO partners with the divisions and functions across the bank to deliver valuable insights and supports them in their strategic priorities. The CFO oversees Group Finance, Product Control, Treasury, Tax, Investor Relations, Corporate Development, XVA and Divisional and Regional Finance teams and acts as lead for the Asset Resolution Unit and IBOR transition.
Chief Technology & Operations Officer The simplification of the business model and IT infrastructure is key to improving effectiveness as well as defining clear accountability and ownership. We have centralized our IT and operations functions under the new Chief Technology & Operations Officer.
Chief Risk Officer and Chief Compliance Officer The Chief Risk Officer and the Chief Compliance Officer functions monitor bank activities on all levels and provide accountability for risk management. They are responsible for the bank’s regulatory interactions, assess the potential impact of regulatory developments, govern the Group's risk management framework and provide independent risk oversight.
General Counsel Provides legal, policy and regulatory advice in the context of potential or actual legal matters and investigations. It drives strategic legal risk management and manages our relationship with political stakeholders.
Human Resources Credit Suisse's success depends on whether we have the most talented people who live our client-focused strategy and our partnership culture.