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Our business divisions

We serve our clients through three regionally focused divisions: Swiss Universal Bank, International Wealth Management and Asia Pacific. These regional businesses are supported by an integrated global Investment Bank.

  • Swiss Universal Bank

  • International Wealth Management

  • Asia Pacific

  • Investment Bank

Corporate functions

Our operating businesses are supported by focused corporate functions that provide centralized corporate services and business support, as well as effective and independent control procedures in the following areas:

Chief Financial Officer We aspire to be an industry-leading Finance division and a core driver of the bank's vision.
Chief Operating Officer The Chief Operating Officer (COO) ensures that the Group has the infrastructure that it requires to deliver its strategy in the most effective way. The COO oversees global operations, information technology and security, sourcing and vendor management and the investment portfolio among other areas.
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer  The Chief Risk and Compliance Officer function monitors bank activities on all levels and provides a single point of accountability for risk management. It is responsible for the bank’s regulatory interactions, assesses the potential impact of regulatory developments, governs the Group's risk management framework and provides independent risk oversight.
General Counsel Provides legal, policy and regulatory advice in the context of potential or actual legal matters and investigations. It drives strategic legal risk management and manages our relationship with political stakeholders.
Human Resources Credit Suisse's success depends on whether we have the most talented people who live our client-focused strategy and our partnership culture.
Sustainability, Research & Investment Solutions Sustainability, Research & Investment Solutions (SRI) is leading our global efforts around sustainability, research and investment solutions, supporting the divisions in delivering innovative industry­-leading solutions to our clients.  Furthermore, SRI is driving our bank-wide commitment to become a leader in sustainability in the financial industry.