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Management transactions

This page provides historical information about the transactions with Credit Suisse securities by the Executive Board and the Board of Directors prior to the acquisition of Credit Suisse Group by UBS Group.

Any dealings in Credit Suisse Group stock, options or other publicly tradable equity based instruments relating to Credit Suisse Group are published on the SIX website as well as on this website in line with the SIX Directive on the Disclosure of Management Transactions1.

Certain transactions conducted by the Board of Directors and the Executive Board of Credit Suisse Group AG and its subsidiaries are subject to the provisions on the Disclosure of Managers' Transactions mandated by the EU Market Abuse Regulation and are also published on this website.

The disclosure of management transactions is intended as a means of furthering the supply of information to investors. Such disclosure may provide investors with additional qualitative insight with regard to their investment decision.

1 the publication on the SIX website is binding

  • CSG Shares

  • Mandatory Convertible Notes (MCN), due 2021

  • Buffer Capital Notes

  • Conditional Share Subscription Rights

  • Preferential Subscription Rights

  • Subordinated Mandatory and Contingent Convertible Securities (MACCS), due 2013

  • Options

  • Managers' Transactions as per the EU Market Abuse Regulation