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Our purpose & values

The Credit Suisse Group purpose is at the core of everything we do. Our clear purpose and strong values, helps us realize our ambitions and has powered our progress for more than 160 years.

Our purpose

"We build lasting value by serving our clients with care and entrepreneurial spirit"

Our purpose is at the core of everything we do. It captures for us, for our clients and for other stakeholders the essence of "why" we exist as an organization. 


Our values


Inclusion builds an organization where everyone can thrive. Having a diverse workforce and inclusive culture is quite simply the right thing to do for our people and society.



At Credit Suisse, we believe in meritocracy: an environment where people achieve success based on what they do – and not because of their background or connections.


We believe in the power of partnership to achieve common goals. It means interacting in partnership with clients, suppliers and the communities in which we operate, to build lasting value.


We are accountable to many stakeholders including shareholders, clients, regulators, society more broadly and of course each other. 

Client focus

We are here to build lasting value for our clients with care and entrepreneurial spirit. Whatever our role, our client focus defines how well we deliver on our purpose.


Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. Clients trust us with their financial assets and we in turn trust our clients and other counterparties to honor their agreements with us.