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Stronger for the future. The Jubilee Fund.

Our Credit Suisse Foundation Jubilee Fund focuses on implementing projects in the areas of financial education and future skills in Switzerland.


The Credit Suisse Foundation is part of the company's corporate citizenship program and addresses social issues around the world, particularly in the fields of Financial Inclusion, Financial Education and Future Skills.

In Switzerland, the Jubilee Fund aims to provide young people with the skills they need to pursue meaningful careers and reach their full potential – regardless of their socio-economic background. In doing so, the Fund focuses on Financial Education and Future Skills. The Foundation also presents awards for achievements in science and culture.

The commitment of the Credit Suisse Foundation is complemented globally by the expertise of Credit Suisse employees. We integrate these employees whenever possible in order to help our partners have an even greater impact. Also in Switzerland, we have employees who volunteer their time and expertise to support our partners.


Financial Education

Not only have technological developments revolutionized the way we handle money, digitalization has drastically increased the number of ways to consume. Shopping via smartphone or with the click of a mouse may be easy, but it requires a certain amount of discipline and awareness of potential pitfalls. That's why, in the field of financial education, we focus on providing young people with knowledge about money in a suitable way. We use playful methods to teach young people about how to handle money responsibly as they encounter topics such as budgeting, debt prevention, and cashless payments.

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Future Skills

Young people are faced with a rapidly changing world that requires constant flexibility along with a barrage of new skills. We want to empower young people to assimilate skills that will enable them to be lifelong learners and lend them the ability to act independently. This means, for example, promoting the critical and creative thinking skills as individuals, but also placing a greater focus on STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math), which are shaping the world of tomorrow.

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Excellence in music and science

In terms of culture, we focus exclusively on promoting young talent in the world of classical music. Our "pyramid of musical commitment" helps us create platforms for exceptionally talented young people. It builds on the foundation of collaboration with the Swiss Youth Music Competition Foundation, goes on to the Prix Credit Suisse Jeunes Solistes, and peaks with the presentation of the Credit Suisse Young Artist Award. 

  • Credit Suisse Young Artist Award

  • Prix Credit Suisse Jeunes Solistes

  • Swiss Youth Music Competition

  • Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching


The Credit Suisse Foundation chooses its partners proactively. In Switzerland, the Foundation works with both nationally active organizations as well as locally based institutions that work in the fields of financial education and/or future skills.

The Fund does not support: 

  • Projects that are unrelated to our main topics, Financial Education and Future Skills
  • In cultural fields, we focus solely on the pyramid of musical sponsorship. We refrain from making contributions to the production of CDs, concerts, festivals, and other projects
  • Individual people (scholarships, tuition or course expenses, etc.; grants to individuals are restricted to the awards for achievements in the fields of science and culture)
  • Infrastructure projects (new construction, reconstruction, renovations, etc.)​
  • Organizations without a ZEWO certificate (please provide a brief justification, if not already available)
  • Publications
  • Fundraising events
  • Conferences, symposia, and similar events
  • Projects with a commercial background
  • Leisure activities (e.g. holiday camps, graduation ceremonies, events, etc.)
  • Loans, deficit guarantees, operational and running costs
  • Membership fees

Please note that:

Grants are awarded only to not-​for-profit organizations which are politically and religiously unaffiliated


Corporate Citizenship. Empowering People.

Together with our employees we work with selected partner organizations to help strengthen our society and to address social issues. Together, we strive to build a more inclusive future where all people can access the resources and develop the financial, entrepreneurial and other skills to thrive in the economy and society. As part of this commitment we set three focus themes: Financial Inclusion, Financial Education and Future Skills.

Focus Themes