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Compensation. Committed to fairness.

Please find compensation-related information for the former Credit Suisse Group. 

The objectives of the Bank's compensation policy (PDF) include attracting, retaining and motivating employees to achieve results with integrity and fairness. The compensation policy is designed to support a performance culture which fosters teamwork and collaboration. Furthermore, it aims to promote effective risk management practices consistent with the Bank's compliance and control framework. The compensation policy takes into account the capital position and economic performance of the Bank over the long term and balances the fixed and variable incentive compensation components to reflect the value and responsibility of the roles that employees perform. The objectives of the compensation policy are framed to achieve an appropriate balance between the interests of shareholders and employees in order to create sustainable value for the Bank.

Annual Compensation Report

Integration of sustainability risks in Compensation Policy

Information on integration of sustainability risks in compensation policy in connection with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation of the European Union (EU) 2019/2088.