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Credit Suisse Asset Management update on Supply Chain Finance Funds; next distribution to investors of USD 1.7 billion

Since the four Supply Chain Finance Funds (SCFFs) were suspended on March 1, 2021, we have made progress on the wind-down of the funds.

Board of Directors announces adjusted proposals for the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders as well as an update to the 2020 Compensation Report and changes to the Executive Board of Credit Suisse Group

As a result of recent significant developments in connection with the US-based hedge fund and the Credit Suisse Asset Management managed supply chain finance funds, the Board of Directors today announces adjusted proposals for the 2021 Annual General Meeting. This includes the withdrawal of its proposal on discharge of the members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. Particularly following the significant US-based hedge fund matter, the Board of Directors is amending its proposal on the distribution of dividends and withdrawing its proposals on variable compensation of the Executive Board. Credit Suisse publishes an update to the 2020 Compensation Report, which can be found at Brian Chin, CEO of the Investment Bank and Lara Warner, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer will step down from their roles.

Credit Suisse refocuses wealth management business for Austria


Credit Suisse publishes its 2020 Annual Report, launches its Sustainability Report and communicates the agenda for the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Credit Suisse Group AG and Credit Suisse AG today published the 2020 annual reporting suite, comprising the Annual Report and the first edition of the Sustainability Report. The Annual Report includes Credit Suisse’s audited financial statements and the Compensation Report. The launch of the Sustainability Report is a testament to the bank’s ambition to become a leading provider of sustainable solutions in the financial industry. Furthermore, Credit Suisse published the agenda for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders which will take place on April 30, 2021 in Horgen (Zurich).

Credit Suisse Group names Ulrich Körner as CEO Asset Management and a member of the Executive Board; Asset Management to be managed as separate Division going forward


Trading Update

Thomas Gottstein, Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse, is due to present at the annual Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference today.

Morris W. Applewhite appointed to Credit Suisse Holdings USA Board of Directors


Credit Suisse Group announces full year and fourth quarter 2020 financial results

Strong underlying performance positions bank to accelerate growth
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