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Roger never retires. Attitude never retires.

Roger, it's our honor to be by your side for whatever comes next.
Because we know #AttitudeNeverRetires.

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Roger Federer: a winning ambassador

© Paul Zimmer

Roger Federer. A winning ambassador.

Our brand ambassador Roger Federer embodies all the qualities we stand for: World-​class. Global minded. Strong values. Pursuit of excellence. Strength of purpose. Philanthropic. No wonder he is a household name both in Switzerland and abroad.

Indeed, Federer, who grew up in Basel, near the border with Germany and France, is also a globally minded individual. This is especially true as his mother, Lynette, comes from South Africa, and he therefore grew up in different cultural and linguistic worlds. Roger Federer is also an ideal global ambassador from Credit Suisse's perspective. Shared values such as the pursuit of excellence and strength of purpose make him a sought-​after partner for the long term. It is therefore intended that his partnership with Credit Suisse will extend beyond the end of his sporting career.

First serve Roger Federer. A new series for entrepreneurs

Advantage Federer. Watch the docu series "Pioneers of Progress"

Together with media partner CNBC, Credit Suisse has produced Pioneers of Progress, a series celebrating business innovators.

The opening volume explores what Roger Federer, our global brand ambassador and one of the world's greatest sportsman, and successful business leaders have in common. As it turns out, quite a lot.

Shared Values

Roger Federer is respected for being one of the most accomplished athletes ever and he is one of the most admired icons in the world today – not only for his achievements on the court but also in his philanthropic work and his foundation. The attributes Roger represents are 100 percent aligned with who Credit Suisse is as a brand. Credit Suisse shares Roger Federer’s standards and his commitment to delivering an exceptional performance at all times. The bank strives to consistently offer its clients flawless service in order to create long-term security and added value. A relentless focus on clients and their needs has long been a cornerstone of Credit Suisse's business model.


© RF Foundation

Education Initiatives

In the framework of this partnership, Credit Suisse is also supporting the Roger Federer Foundation (RFF) with a contribution of one million US dollars every year. These additional resources will primarily be invested in an early years education initiative in Malawi, helping more than 100,000 children. "Early on, my family and I decided that if I became successful in sport, I would give part of my income back to society," explains Federer. "In 2003, I therefore set up the Roger Federer Foundation, which supports education and training programs in South Africa and other African nations, as well as promoting the next generation of sportsmen and women in Switzerland." The cultivation of young talent in Switzerland and the pledge to helping worthwhile causes are two more areas in which Federer's views match those of Credit Suisse. The bank’s commitment to acting as a good corporate citizen was an important argument for Roger Federer in embarking on this partnership: "Credit Suisse has a strong brand and Swiss roots and is one of the world's leading companies while, at the same time, taking its corporate responsibility seriously."