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Roger Federer

Roger never retires. Attitude never retires.

"I think doing good and being nice to people is a normal thing to do."

Roger Federer

Our brand ambassador Roger Federer embodies all the qualities we stand for: World-class. Global minded. Strong values. Pursuit of excellence. Strength of purpose. Philanthropic. The principle of showing courage, especially in the most difficult moments, is something Roger lives by. No wonder he is a household name both in Switzerland and abroad.

Courage never retires

Reflecting on the good years we've had and a look ahead to many more years together.

Courage never retires


A new chapter

What’s next for Roger Federer? His retirement from big sport opens a new exciting era

Lifelong education is important for Roger Federer. He is inspired by the idea of picking up new skills. He has an appetite for learning.

Roger Federer is not someone who thinks he knows everything. Just because he is a good tennis player does not at all mean that he is skilled or clever at everything, he says self-critically.

His modesty allows him to approach new ideas with an open mind. He has no problem slipping into the role of beginner and learning new things from scratch.

"I have no problem starting again from scratch in a different area."

Roger Federer


A new chapter

Portrait of a Champion. Roger Federer and Ugo Rondinone.

How a courageous Roger Federer became part of an artwork as "Cloud Six" and how the collaboration with Ugo Rondinone inspired him.

Ugo Rondinone

"Being part of the process was something that really excited me."

Roger Federer

In an unusual collaboration, the renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone invites the tennis champion Roger Federer into a world of artistic transcendence.

How many dimensions are there to Roger Federer? The accomplished athlete readily agrees to be only known as "Cloud Six," letting the art speak for itself.

Roger Federer actually took a leap from simply admiring the art to becoming a part of Ugo Rondinone’s "burn shine fly" – an installation shown at last year’s Venice Biennale.

Roger Federer Foundation. Setting sail for a stronger future.


Why philanthropy plays an important role in Roger’s life

Hoarding knowledge is not an option for Roger. He is passionate about bringing primary education to children in southern Africa, while creating a safe environment where learning is fun.

"I once said that if I can be as famous or even more famous in the philanthropic world than for my tennis results, I mean, that would be a dream come true for me."

Roger Federer


Roger Federer Foundation


Roger Federer sits in on a first-grade class at Marie ECD Centre in Namibia, which is supported by the Foundation - Jens Honore – RFF


"Over 2 million children have benefitted from higher quality education due to our engagement over the last 19 years."

Roger Federer is respected for being one of the most accomplished athletes ever and he is one of the most admired icons in the world – not only for his achievements on the court but also for his philanthropic work and his foundation. The values Roger has are aligned with the values Credit Suisse has as a brand. Courage, curiosity, strong commitment to delivering exceptional performance, among others, are engrained in the DNA both of Credit Suisse as an organisation and of Roger Federer.

  • What inspires Roger?


The power of partnerships for early childhood education

For the past ten years, Credit Suisse has partnered with the Roger Federer Foundation as part of our commitment to building trust and deep relationships for social impact. Based on the belief that education is a great equalizer and a powerful force for social and economic change, and in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, Credit Suisse supports the provision of education and pathways to financial inclusion. In 2010, the Roger Federer Foundation identified rural communities most in need in Malawi.


Preschool age child

Reflecting the past

Pioneers of Progress

Pioneers of Progress

The opening volume explores what Roger Federer, our global brand ambassador and one of the world’s greatest sportsmen, and successful business leaders have in common. They all have a particular mindset, an unwavering focus on progress and a bold and pioneering outlook. Together with media partner CNBC, Credit Suisse has produced Pioneers of Progress, a series celebrating business innovators.

Roger is so successful because he communicates

"Roger is so successful because he communicates"

Partnering with the right people is key to success. What applies for Credit Suisse and our clients also holds true for our brand ambassador Roger Federer and his team. What sets him apart from other tennis players? Why is he so successful not just on but also off court? His manager Tony Godsick knows and lets us in on the secret.

Join the conversation: #AttitudeNeverRetires