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Green Finance

Green debt financing instruments are solutions that can contribute to combating climate change and environmental degradation.

Green Finance

A green debt financing instrument is like any other equivalent debt instrument, except that the use of proceeds is directed toward projects or assets that deliver clear environmental benefits. At Credit Suisse, we finance various activities that accelerate our clients' transition towards becoming more sustainable. Whether we work with clients operating in pure green sectors or with clients in high-carbon sectors that need support to transition to lower-carbon activities, we are focused on delivering green finance solutions that help them achieve their goals.

Some of these activities will be funded through our green debt issuances which are governed by our Green Finance Framework (PDF). The framework is consistent with the Green Bond Principles (2018), which we have endorsed, and is designed to meet the highest standards of transparency and disclosure. Credit Suisse has engaged ISS-ESG as an independent second party opinion provider on the framework and our green debt issuances.

In order to further promote the topic of green finance, we partner with the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), an international, investor-focused not-for-profit organization. And we have funded CBI's important standards development work in areas where we have relevant exposure, such as the agriculture, forestry and other land-use sectors.