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Media releases 2022

Find the latest media releases issued by Credit Suisse below.


Credit Suisse launches two digital services for online real estate valuations and sales


2022 Credit Suisse Youth Barometer: War and the economy drive desire for security

Credit Suisse publishes its 2022 Youth Barometer – a representative survey of 16- to 25-year-olds in Switzerland, the US, Singapore, and Brazil

Tessiner Wirtschaft ordnet sich neu

Die Credit Suisse veröffentlicht Studie zur Wirtschaftsentwicklung im Tessin

Credit Suisse Group is well on track with its comprehensive strategic review

Credit Suisse Group AG today announced that it is well on track with its comprehensive strategic review including potential divestitures and asset sales. The bank will update the market further when it reports third-quarter results on October 27, 2022.

Credit Suisse launches its inaugural Single Family Office (SFO) Index and 2022 SFO Survey Report


Credit Suisse finances debt conversion for marine conservation in Barbados

Credit Suisse continues to support blended finance transactions focused on biodiversity conservation. Today, Credit Suisse, alongside CIBC FirstCaribbean, announces the completion of a debt conversion transaction for Barbados focused on allocating capital towards debt sustainability and marine conservation.

Global Wealth Report 2022 – record wealth growth in 2021 tapered by challenging 2022 market environment

Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) published its thirteenth Global Wealth Report showing continued wealth growth across all regions led by North America and China.

Change of leadership in the Mittelland region

This media release is only available in German and French.

Successful issue for Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund LogisticsPlus

Ad hoc announcement pursuant to article 53 LR

Wage negotiations 2023: What can we expect?

Credit Suisse publishes “Monitor Switzerland” for the third quarter of 2022
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