We are ready to #ChangeTheGame

We at Credit Suisse are here for the curious and courageous, for those who want to change the game. 


We know that women face more boundaries and challenges than men do across all aspects of life. And while women are staring down these challenges every day, women are not where they should be.


We are committed to building alliances and sustaining an ecosystem where gender diversity is our reality. Be it:

  • As an employer
  • Through financial literacy and advice
  • As a sponsor within underrepresented areas such as women's football

Together we can #ChangeTheGame


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Where we set our focus

Current highlights


Walk on.

The #ChangeTheGame initiative includes a campaign centered around the women's national football team.

Its TV commercial "Walk on" features a new interpretation of one of the most famous football songs, "You’ll Never Walk Alone".


Striving for equality

Gender targets

We are committed to increasing the proportion of women in the leadership pipeline and management within the bank and have set the objective of increasing female representation to 42% of our overall workforce by 2024.

Our contribution:

  • We foster diversity and inclusion within our organization
  • We take measures to increase the proportion of women in management positions within our organization
  • We address empowerment of women and girls across the globe through our Corporate Citizenship programs, such as our Financial Inclusion and Education Initiatives

Read more about our commitment toward gender diversity

Addressing the STEM gap

Credit Suisse is at the forefront of research related to gender diversity in the workplace focusing specifically on corporate leadership and oversight in the Gender 3000 report, which analyzes the gender breakdown of 33,000 senior executives from over 3,000 companies across 46 countries. The 2021 edition of the report included a chapter dedicated to women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, showing that a significant gender gap continues to exist in STEM fields around the world. 

Taking action


Girls take over

Credit Suisse helps girls and young women to unleash their potential through a variety of projects in collaboration with our partners. To further demonstrate our commitment to inclusion and mark the International Day of the Girl, Credit Suisse participated in Plan Internationals'  "Girls Take Over" campaign. We gave four young women the opportunity to step into the shoes of a senior executive and show the endless potential of young women.


Amplifying women's voices

Global Women's Financial Forum

The Global Women's Financial Forum 2022 featured leaders in a program entitled #ChangeTheGame. The conversation with Anya Hindmarch CBE, founder of a global luxury brand and award-winning designer of fashion accessories, was on sustainable fashion and work-life balance. Megan Rapinoe, US soccer player and Olympic gold medalist, talked about pay equity, girls in sport, and lessons on leadership. Deepa Purushothaman, co-founder of nFormation, diversity, equity, and inclusion leader, and author of "The First, The Few, The Only," shared her views on the experiences of women of color in the workplace.

Taking action

Current highlights

Pioneers of Progress

Mary Ellen Iskenderian of Women’s World Banking
At Credit Suisse we are committed to driving change and recognizing the power of women. Our Pioneers of Progress video series features outstanding sustainability shapers who are helping to solve the world’s big challenges concerning social and environmental sustainability.

Pioneer Mary Ellen Iskenderian is closing the financial gender gap for women. For more than 15 years she has devoted her professional life to ensuring that women, irrespective of their background and country of origin, have access to financial services as a basis to achieve security and prosperity.


Lasting Values

The Credit Suisse sustainability podcast

Episode 8: Is there an incentive for women to be financially savvy?

Financial literacy and the gender wealth gap are two sides of the same coin. There is a business case for financial institutions to promote the financial inclusion of women to ensure a remarkable growth impact. Supporting women by means of an actionable plan and raising the confidence in them as investors, on the other hand, would reduce the existing wealth gap. Join our talk with the amazing women from various branches of the financial sector to hear how they #ChangeTheGame.

Guests: Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President & CEO of Women’s World Banking, Eva-Valérie Gfrerer, Founder and CEO of Morphais, Nannette Hechler-Fayd'herbe, Head of Global Economics & Research and Chief Investment Officer EMEA, Credit Suisse


Host: Kathy Norman, Global Head Social Sustainability & Strategy, Credit Suisse


Read more: Credit Suisse Gender 3000 report. The Credit Suisse Gender 3000 report shows women hold almost a quarter of board room positions globally 

Episode 7: Women vs. unequal pay: What’s the score?

We talk to some amazing women from the sports and finance sectors to hear what they are doing to level the playing field when it comes to pay parity, and how, collectively, women and men can #ChangeTheGame.

Supporting financial literacy

Untapped potential

Women represent half of the world’s population. At a financial institution like Credit Suisse, they make up 40% of wealth management clients and own around 30% of (financial) assets. ​

Many factors explain the broadly documented global gender wealth gap. But it does not have to be this way. By following a life cycle investing framework and building a connection to their investments as they do with everything else in their lives, women can #ChangeTheGame and make their money work harder for them – a necessity considering their longer life expectancy.​


Eliminating the investment gender gap

As investors, women have distinct needs, preferences, and characteristics that call for an investment approach that supports them in building their wealth and securing their long-term financial independence.


Taking action

Honored to be recognized

We're committed for the long-term because there's a great deal more to do.

Diversity & Inclusion

All of us together

At Credit Suisse, we want to make sure that everyone feels that they belong. We are committed to increasing diversity and promoting inclusion and equity. Our partners are who we turn to for knowledge and inspiration. They educate us and assist us in evolving our strategy.