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Thinking ahead. The Credit Suisse Research Institute.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute is our in-house think tank. We study long-term economic developments that have a global impact. In the financial services industry and beyond.

The Future of the Monetary System

This report, published by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, discusses how macroeconomic imbalances and geopolitics can catalyze change in the current largely USD-based monetary system, how central bank reserves have evolved so far and may be re-assessed going forward and sketches out a vision for a gradually more multi-polar monetary system.

The Future of the Monetary System

The global effects of Asia’s aging population

Asia’s major economies are aging rapidly. Slower population growth is typically linked to rising prosperity, but in many countries aging is now running ahead of income. A new study reveals the extent of the demographic challenge for 10 Asian economies, considering the implications of aging for Asia and the global economy.

The global effects of Asia's aging population

Global Wealth Report 2022

The thirteenth edition of the Global Wealth Report shows continued wealth growth across all regions led by North America and China. Total global wealth grew by 9.8% and wealth per adult reached USD 87,489. Setting aside exchange rate movements, aggregate global wealth grew by 12.7% in 2021, which is the fastest annual rate ever recorded.


Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2022 Summary Edition

This is an extract of the Yearbook 2022, produced in collaboration with the CSRI by Elroy Dimson, Paul Marsh and Mike Staunton. This year's edition focuses on diversification as a special topic and offers an extended dataset by adding three new markets. The full version is available on CS PLUS for clients of the bank and in hard copy upon request.

Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2022 Summary Edition

Our institute. Its organization.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute is managed by a dedicated executive committee made up of the head of the institute and the bank's most senior researchers.


Credit Suisse Research Institute publications

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