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Thinking ahead. The Credit Suisse Research Institute.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute is our in-house think tank. We study long-term economic developments that have a global impact. In the financial services industry and beyond.


The CS Gender 3000 in 2019: The changing face of companies

Since 2012, the Credit Suisse Research Institute has been researching gender diversity within the governance and executive leadership teams. This unique contribution analyzes executive teams of over 3,000 companies comprising 30,000 executive positions from 56 different countries. The 2019 edition's findings show an increase of gender diversity in the boardroom but not in executive positions. Globally, less than 5% of the analyzed companies have female CEOs and 15% in CFO roles. Looking at the different regions, the USA and APAC reflect greater management diversity than Europe, with Europe retaining the greatest tailwind of government policies seeking to address gender diversity within supervisory boards. The report also presents new themes and analysis to complement prior work looking at family owned businesses, a discussion around the macro economic impact of increased female labor participation and fertility rates as well as the gender pay gap.


Why wealth matters. The Global wealth report.

The most comprehensive and up-to-date resource of its kind. Our Global wealth report analyzes the household wealth of 5.1 billion people across the globe. Multi-faceted and eye-opening.

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Our institute. Its organization.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute is chaired by Urs Rohner, chairman of the Board of Directors. It is managed by a dedicated executive committee made up of the head of the institute and the bank's most senior researchers.

Credit Suisse Research Institute publications

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