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Industry Codes

FX Global Code1

Credit Suisse ("Institution") has reviewed the content of the FX Global Code ("Code") and acknowledges that the Code represents a set of principles generally recognised as good practice in the wholesale foreign exchange market ("FX Market"). The Institution confirms that it acts as a Market Participant as defined by the Code, and is committed to conducting its FX Market activities ("Activities") in a manner consistent with the principles of the Code.

To this end, the Institution has taken appropriate steps, based on the size and complexity of its Activities, and the nature of its engagement in the FX Market, to align its Activities with the principles of the Code.

FMSB Statement of Commitment

Credit Suisse International, Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Limited and Credit Suisse AG London Branch (the 'Institution') acknowledge that the Standards published by the Financial Markets Standards Board (whose name changed from FICC Markets Standards Board on 29 April 2022) (FMSB) represent generally recognised good practice in the wholesale financial markets. 

The Institution confirms that it is committed to conduct its wholesale financial market activities (its 'Activities') in a manner consistent with the Core Principles contained in FMSB Standards, and to have internal policies, procedures and controls reasonably designed to give effect to those Core Principles where they are applicable to its Activities, in a manner that is commensurate with the nature of its Activities in the relevant entity or jurisdiction.

This Statement of Commitment applies to all Standards published by FMSB in final form prior to 31 December 2022 and reaffirms any previous Statements of Commitment made by the Institution where appropriate. The Standard on Use of Term SONIA Reference Rates is not relevant because no businesses within the institution use Term SONIA.

1 Credit Suisse signed the Code on May 21, 2018, and on December 20, 2022, reaffirmed its commitment to the revised Code. The document can be found at the CLS Global Code Public Register.