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Media releases

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Credit Suisse Asset Management reaches agreement with Bluestone Resources

Credit Suisse Asset Management (CSAM) and Bluestone Resources (Bluestone) have reached an agreement that maps out a plan for the payment of cash to noteholders, including the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) funds, which can then be distributed to investors in those funds. The agreement is also intended to secure the future for Bluestone’s mining operations.

Credit Suisse Announces 2022 Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test Results


Credit Suisse Investment Foundation: Successful issues for the "CSA Real Estate Switzerland" and "CSA Real Estate Switzerland Commercial" investment groups


Credit Suisse is increasing its bonuses for the Swiss women's national football teams and supporting the SFV's bid for Euro 2025

Credit Suisse sets an example regarding equal opportunities and boosts its commitment to women's football

Swiss proptechs: Are "ecosystems" just another buzzword?

Credit Suisse publishes Swiss proptech report 2022

Credit Suisse Group to redeem US$1.5 billion of Additional Tier 1 instrument


Credit Suisse to be a league and cup partner of the Swiss Football Association in women's football

Further strengthening the long-standing commitment to women's football

Intended redemption of Credit Suisse Group Additional Tier 1 instrument Call Notice Publication for US$ 1.5bn AT1 (ISIN CH0352765157)


Debt crisis 2.0? Where "normal" interest rates will become a problem

Credit Suisse publishes its "Monitor Switzerland" for Q2 2022

Credit Suisse provides trading update

Ad hoc announcement pursuant to article 53 LR
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