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Our company's structure and strategy

With operations around the globe, we are mindful of how we run our business. Our structure is focused around specific business divisions and our strategy leverages our core strengths.


Our business divisions

Credit Suisse is organized into four divisions – Wealth Management, Investment Bank, Swiss Bank and Asset Management – and four geographic regions – Switzerland, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific and Americas. The regions have responsibility for their market presence, client targeting and coverage strategy to drive cross-divisional collaboration and strengthen legal entity management oversight and regulatory relationships at a regionally aligned level. Our operating businesses are supported by focused corporate functions. The bank’s corporate functions partner with the divisions and regions as part of our effort to provide effective collaboration, management and control oversight. 

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Honors and awards

We are delighted to have been honored with a number of prestigious awards in the areas of private banking, investment banking, and asset management.

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