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Financing Home Ownership

There are many aspects to consider when financing your own home. We help you in this process, providing support every step of the way.

Calculate Affordability

When planning to finance home ownership, you should first calculate the necessary equity capital and the maximum you can afford. Detailed information on this topic can be found here:

Personal Consultation

Whether you are completely certain or still undecided: Our financing experts will be happy to address your requirements and options in a personal consultation. Together, we will find the best mortgage solution and guide you through the steps to owning your dream home.

Collect Documents

If you have decided to finance your home with Credit Suisse, we need a few documents from you. You can find out what those are and where you can get them here:

Mortgage Conclusion and Payout

After receipt of all documents, the financing expert contacts you and guides you through the rest of the process. He will be happy to answer any questions and provide information.

Extend, Increase or Replace Your Mortgage

If you already have a mortgage and would like to extend or increase it, we have many options to assist you.

For an extension, we offer flexible solutions with respect to mortgage models or the conclusion date.

If you would like to increase the amount of your mortgage, e.g. for a renovation, we will work together to find the best solution for financing.

If you financed your residential property with a bank other than Credit Suisse and would like to replace this mortgage, we can show you flexible mortgage solutions tailored to your needs.

We Are Happy to Provide Support

Buying your own home becomes easier with expert advice from one of our financing expert. We will assist you with the many questions and aspects to be considered when financing your home.


Many condominium buyers give little thought to the subsequent maintenance and renovation work on the building. This can lead to financial surprises or even conflicts in the community. In order to avoid such situations, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, in conjunction with Credit Suisse and other partners, has developed the "Lucerne Toolbox." These eight booklets discuss tools to implement long-term strategies in the area of condominium maintenance and renovation. For instance, the toolbox includes an optimized renovation procedure, a renovation schedule with cost estimates, input on regulations and management tasks, as well as a communication and conflict management tool.

Tool 1: Information on Condominiums (Publication available in German, French and Italian)

This leaflet summarizes condominium challenges and shows which factors are often forgotten when buying and how they can lead to conflicts, especially in relation to construction renovations.

Tool 2: Optimized Maintenance Process for Condominiums (Publication available in German, French and Italian)

This leaflet shows the main content of an "Optimized Maintenance Process for Condominiums" and includes an illustration of the process, represented as a succession of various phases, milestones, and necessary decisions by the key players.


Tool 3: Tools for Condominium Renovation Planning (Publication available in German, French and Italian)

This leaflet explains the intentions of the Renovation Schedule, Renovation Fund (RF) Forecast, and Overview of Measures for long-term renovation and financial planning. 


Tool 4: Template Regulations and Objectives for Condominiums (Publication available in German, French and Italian)

This leaflet summarizes recommendations regarding renovation-relevant aspects of regulations and the importance of objectives to be newly implemented for long-term renovation planning.

Tool 5: Commented Task Specification for Condominium Management (Publication available in German, French and Italian)

This leaflet shows how the assignment of management tasks in a condominium can be specified with regard to long-term maintenance, renovation, and financial planning and what to take into account when choosing a management company. 

Tool 6: Communication and Conflict Management in Condominiums (Publication available in German, French and Italian)

This leaflet describes the decision-making processes typical for a condominium and provides basic rules for conflict prevention through communication, as well as options for conflict management. 

Tool 7: Incentives for Condominium Renovation (Publication available in German, French and Italian)

This leaflet points to existing and potential incentive systems for renovation measures and reflects on them according to their relevance for condominiums.

Tool 8: Planning Recommendations for Condominiums (Publication available in German, French and Italian)

This leaflet contains criteria and recommendations for planning a condominium property. Through their implementation, the functionality of the property is increased and the renovation of the communal area simplified. 

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