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Special offers for new assets

Special offers for new assets.

Transfer assets to Credit Suisse now and benefit from up to 1.75% interest.

Up to 1.75% interest on Savings account Invest

Open a free Savings account Invest by June 30, 2024, transfer assets to Credit Suisse, and then invest a portion of them. You will receive up to 1.75% interest on the uninvested amount until December 31, 2024.

1.25% interest on the Savings account Plus account for new deposits

1% interest on Savings account Plus

Open a free Savings account Plus by June 30, 2024, and benefit from 1% interest on any new assets that you transfer to Credit Suisse.

Up to 1.75% on time deposits

Attractive fixed interest rate with time deposit

Put the desired amount aside for several months and secure an attractive fixed interest rate. Call us for your personal offer.

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New clients:
Visit one of our branches
open CSX digitally and then contact us at 0848 880 844.

Existing clients:
Contact your personal client advisor or our Client Service at 0848 880 844
visit one of our branches.