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As in banking, success in equestrian sports requires trust and precise teamwork. Because of these common features and a fascination with this multifaceted sport, Credit Suisse has been involved in equestrianism for many years. It is a main sponsor of the Concours Hippique International de Genève and White Turf in St. Moritz.


Concours Hippique International de Genève

The Concours Hippique International de Genève (CHI Geneva) is one of the most important indoor circuits. It always attracts a large number of enthusiastic spectators every year in December. Until 2012, World Cup trials in show jumping and carriage driving were held in Geneva, and the World Cup final in all classes took place there in 1996 and 2010. In 2013, a new era began for this internationally significant tournament. In collaboration with CHIO Aachen and the Spruce Meadows Masters Tournament in Calgary, the Rolex Grand Slam tournament series was launched – which now also includes the Dutch Masters in 's-Hertogenbosch – with very attractive prize money. A lucrative special additional prize awaits the winner of all four tournaments within a single year. Credit Suisse has supported CHI Geneva since 2008 as a main sponsor.

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White Turf

A highlight of Credit Suisse's commitment to equestrianism is the White Turf event in St. Moritz. These international horse races are generally held on the first three weekends in February, against the impressive backdrop of the mountains of the Upper Engadine. Visitors are particularly drawn to the spectacular skikjöring races, in which daring skiers are pulled by thoroughbred horses across the frozen surface of Lake St. Moritz. The overall winner is presented with the coveted Credit Suisse Skikjöring Trophy on the final Sunday of the competition, and earns the title "King of the Engadine." Since 2016, the daily winners and overall winner have been honored with a specially designed trophy. The "Credit Suisse King's Cup" was created by the young Swiss artist duo "Aubry Broquard" for the 40th anniversary of the partnership between White Turf and Credit Suisse, and will furnish the daily winners and the newly-crowned king with a unique symbol of victory. Credit Suisse has been sponsoring White Turf since 1976.

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