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Credit Suisse Arena: Zurich re-confirms support for Project Ensemble

On September 27, 2020, there was a further vote in the city of Zurich on what is known as Project Ensemble, and hence on the new football stadium, the Credit Suisse Arena. Having acquired the naming rights to the Credit Suisse Arena and as a project partner, we are delighted that the project has once again received the approval of the electorate.

Thanks to the vote, planning for the construction of the Credit Suisse Arena can now proceed. In the next few years, a football stadium specifically designed for this sport is to be built in the Zurich West neighborhood. This project means that the city of Zurich will have a football stadium that is convincing in terms of urban development and economically acceptable to all those involved, and that meets the criteria of sustainability and functionality.

All the championship games of Fussballclub Zürich and Grasshopper Club Zürich will be contested in the Credit Suisse Arena. In addition, friendly matches, the Swiss national football teams' matches, international matches, and selected women's football matches will also be played there.

Having their "own" new arena will open up new sources of income for the two Zurich city football clubs that are necessary for them to be economically successful. A good environment is essential for football so that outstanding athletic performances can be achieved at all levels. The promotion of young talent will also benefit, something that has been very important to Credit Suisse for many years.

Credit Suisse has acquired the naming rights for the stadium and will also serve as arena partner for both home teams. Until GC and FCZ move to the Credit Suisse Arena, the bank will continue to have a presence in field advertising and other advertising media for the clubs' home matches at Letzigrund. It will also use tickets and VIP boxes for guest invitations.

The Credit Suisse Arena reflects the bank's firm commitment to the city of Zurich, sports in general, and football in particular. Since 1993, Credit Suisse has been a successful partner to the Swiss Football Association and supports long-term talent promotion for women and men.

Even if there are still a few hurdles to overcome before the starting whistle, we can start looking forward to the new stadium and the first match in the Credit Suisse Arena!

The current schedule envisages that the Credit Suisse Arena will be completed for the start of the 2022/2023 season at the earliest.