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In confidence. The escalation process.

Fairness, professional conduct, and integrity are very important to us. We encourage employees to report any alleged misconduct and violations. We handle these cases with care and confidentiality.

Our most valuable asset is our reputation for integrity and fair dealing. Credit Suisse encourages all of its personnel (i.e. employees as well as contingent workers) to report any violations of laws, rules, regulations or the Code of Conduct internally. Reports should be made directly to the relevant line managers, Compliance, Human Resources, the General Counsel or, where appropriate, directly to the corresponding higher level within Credit Suisse in accordance with our policies and procedures. Reports may be made on a confidential, anonymous basis if required and as permitted by law. The online form serves as another channel to escalate potential legal, regulatory or ethical misconduct.

In the case of alleged violations by the Chief Executive Officer or senior financial officers (Chief Financial Officer, head of Accounting or Controlling and persons performing similar functions) reports should be made to the Credit Suisse General Counsel or to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.

Retaliation against any personnel for reports made in good faith is prohibited.

This process is subject to supervision by the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse. It receives regular updates on significant reports received as well as on measures taken.

Persons outside Credit Suisse who wish to report violations of laws, rules and regulations or the Credit Suisse's Code of Conduct may address their reports either in writing directly to the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse, or may raise your concerns via our online form.

For client complaints, we kindly ask you to use the following link:

Credit Suisse
Corporate Secretary
Ms. Joan Elizabeth Belzer
CH-8070 Zurich