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Investment Outlook 2019

Our Investment Outlook 2019 provides a roadmap to navigate the months ahead. For equities, we provide an overview of all sectors. We believe that technology will remain a strong driver. For fixed income, we examine the relatively rare phenomenon of a US yield curve inversion (when US short-term interest rates exceed long-term interest rates). And we discuss how to establish a successful currency strategy comprising carry, value and safe-haven currencies.

From the macroeconomic point of view, several factors may well prolong the economic cycle and speak against an imminent global slowdown. Productivity gains and benign inflation will be key for central banks’ monetary responses and hence financial markets.

Last but not least, our special focus section is devoted to what has excited us most in the last two years: our longterm Supertrends, five investment themes that offer superior return prospects. Furthermore, we showcase education as part of our efforts in sustainable and impact investing, a market that has been seeing rapid growth as investors increasingly seek to combine financial returns with a social and environmental impact.

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