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  1. "Estimates were too conservative"

    "Estimates were too conservative"

    At the beginning of September, Credit Suisse launched its new Viva Kids offering with the digital money box Digipigi. Five weeks after the launch, Florence Schnydrig Moser, Head of Products & Investment Services, draws her initial conclusions and talks about exceeded expectations, waiting times, false realities, and letters from clients.

  2. Opening a Bank Account within 15 Minutes

    Opening a Bank Account within 15 Minutes

    Effective immediately, Credit Suisse is offering a digital onboarding process for new clients. In just 15 minutes, they can open an account online, including signing up for Bonviva Banking Packages with a Maestro card and credit cards. The entire process, including identification and signing the application, is fully digital and paperless.

  3. Inflation. A Loyal Swiss Ally

    Inflation. A Loyal Swiss Ally

    Switzerland has been classified as one of the happiest countries in the world. Commonly stated reasons for this are the sense of community, beautiful landscapes, fresh air, and clean water. Not to mention prosperity. 'Switzerland: A Financial Market History', by the Credit Suisse Research Institute in partnership with leading experts from the London Business School and Cambridge Judge Business School, investigates the sources of the country's economic success. The report highlights low inflation as one of the key success factors.

  4. Scaling up Impact Investing

    Scaling up Impact Investing

    Impact investing is a growing industry that has gained in popularity and importance in the last few years. This is not surprising, says Harvard Professor Michael Chu: It is driven by the concept that a social or ecological problem may be addressed via a commercial platform, which many people find attractive. Due to the high demand, some of the main focus points of the industry are now to launch new and risk-adjusted products, as well as to "mainstream" the market. 

  5. New Financial Inclusion Landscape in India

    New Financial Inclusion Landscape in India

    Reforms undertaken in the aftermath of the 2010 microfinance bubble laid a new foundation for the sector. A conversation with Abhishek Agrawal, Country Head India, Accion, on financial inclusion and microfinance institutions (MFI) in India.

  6. Credit Suisse Opens New Advisory Office in Mexico 

    The general economic outlook for Mexico is promising, despite the headwind it faces. Credit Suisse's newly established advisory office in Mexico City will allow its private banking clients to receive advice on-site. It also underscores the bank's growth ambitions on the continent.

  7. Credit Suisse 2016 Annual Reporting Suite

    Credit Suisse 2016 Annual Reporting Suite

    Today, Credit Suisse published the Annual Report, the Corporate Responsibility Report and the Company Profile. This Annual Reporting Suite offers a holistic perspective of the broad variety of activities in 2016 and facilitates a sound dialogue with our clients, investors and stakeholders.

  8. "Most of the financial institutions left the region. We stayed."

    "Most of the financial institutions left the region. We stayed."

    As a child, he left communist-era Prague for capitalist Jakarta and lived through the massive effects of the Asian crisis. Helman Sitohang has worked for Credit Suisse for nearly 20 years. As CEO for the Asia Pacific region, he knows that his customers attach great importance to loyalty. 

  9. Does the Fintech Revolution Leave Women Behind?

    Does the Fintech Revolution Leave Women Behind?

    Credit Suisse is supporting Women's World Banking in their quest to address gender balance in finance.

  10. The Age of Cryptofinance

    The Age of Cryptofinance

    Although the hype around bitcoin and blockchain – the public ledger that records bitcoin transactions – is now receding, the next generation of cryptofinance technologies is already moving ahead and applying the lessons learned.