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Achieve returns despite low interest rates? Notice and seize opportunities

Achieve returns despite low interest rates? Notice and seize opportunities

With the current low interest rate environment, more people than ever are asking the question of how they should invest their money. In the long term, it is more profitable to invest than to hold cash in your bank account, even when the markets are turbulent.

investing money achieves greater returns than cash

Why investing is more profitable than leaving cash in your bank account.

There's a long-held belief that stashing money under the mattress is safer than investing in the financial markets. But that belief ignores the impact of inflation. The cost of living becomes more expensive, eroding the value of cash as the years go by. These days, you cannot expect your savings account to offer an interest rate that exceeds inflation. This is why we advise learning about the variety of investment opportunities.

Beware of these five mistakes when investing money
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How would you like to invest?

We offer investment solutions that can be fully tailored to fit your preferences and circumstances, allowing you to reach your personal investment goals in the most effective way possible, from world travel to a dream home or early retirement.

Start investing from CHF 100

Save simply and systematically with an Investment fund savings plan.
The principle is simple: You determine an amount that is invested regularly in one or more investment funds of your choice (such as a sustainable investment fund). As a result, you benefit from an average purchase price and broad diversification and are able to take advantage of the return opportunities that investments offer. You can sell your shares at any time, free of charge.

Invest like a pension fund

It's easy to choose the right fund – a fund with a high dividend share, for example, or one that has only Swiss investments – and take advantage of return opportunities without breaking a sweat.
Our experts constantly monitor the investments and optimize when necessary. You benefit from complete transparency and control, without the need to spend a lot of time.

Allow the experts to invest

It's easy to find the optimal strategy for your investment goals with us. Enjoy the good feeling that comes with having our experts analyze the financial markets around the clock for you. Seize any and all investment opportunities immediately or take corrective action. In short, manage your assets professionally – without having to worry about the details. You have full transparency and flexibility at all times.

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Investing made simple – with an investment fund savings plan

Investing made simple – with an investment fund savings plan
Invest from



Choose your contribution

  • Invest starting at CHF 100 (EUR/USD 125)

You decide how often and how much to contribute. The minimum amount per deposit is just CHF 100 (EUR/USD 125), and you can contribute monthly, quarterly, or annually. Use either a fixed order or be fully flexible.

Regular deposits

  • How to achieve your financial goals faster

Regularly buying fund units averages out the purchase price. That minimizes the risk of investing at the wrong time. In addition, you can sell your units at any time free of charge.

Attractive returns

  • Investing made easy

Investment funds let you invest in otherwise inaccessible markets and better benefit from market movements with even small investments. Investment fund savings plans are also perfectly suited as a long-term investment for (god)children.


Further information on the Investment fund savings plan

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Invest as smartly as a pension fund

Invest as smartly as a pension fund

Benefit from dividends

  • Interest & Dividend Fund

Through the selection of high-yield securities, this fund generates additional income without any effort on your part. Benefit from broadly diversified, global investments that generate above-average income.



Investing sustainably

  • Privilege 45 Fund

Do you want to invest like a major investor? Would you prefer to invest your money in Switzerland and focus on sustainability? This fund lines up with BVG requirements and invests in the same way as a pension fund.



Using global opportunities

  • Portfolio Fund

Benefit from global investment opportunities? The fund is broadly diversified and optimizes total returns across multiple asset classes. You can invest globally with just a single solution and take advantage of the comprehensive expertise of Credit Suisse.



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Seize opportunities. Generate income. Without breaking a sweat.

Seize opportunities. Generate income. Without breaking a sweat.

Your desires and goals

  • Your goals define your investment strategy

Our experts constantly monitor and actively manage your assets in accordance with the agreed investment strategy and your desired risk/return profile. So you have more time for the important things in life.

Transparency and control

  • We monitor your mandate around the clock

Thanks to quarterly reports, you always have an overview of your assets, while we monitor the markets and your mandate around the clock. You can view the performance of your investments online at any time.

Many benefits for you

  • Attractive returns

This mandate focuses on bringing in revenue (e.g. dividends), thereby generating additional income for you. It simultaneously follows a long-term wealth creation strategy, always keeping an eye on the risk/return ratio.

Arrange a personal consultation

We look forward to advising you in person. For questions or to arrange a consultation, you can reach us at this number during normal business hours:

* Telephone calls may be recorded for security reasons and training purposes. Standard connection rates apply (Swisscom). Mobile phone and foreign rates as well as the charges of other providers may vary.

Still haven't found what you were looking for?

Take advantage of our solution finder and find the right investment solution. Or take a look at our investor portal. New articles with valuable investment tips, background knowledge on specific investment themes, and interviews with experts are published on an ongoing basis.