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Have the spotlight on you for once? Of course.

Courtesy of the Credit Suisse photo booth. Get a personal souvenir photo as a memento of the Zurich Film Festival 2022. We look forward to seeing you at the Festival Center, where the Credit Suisse photo booth is open daily from 11:00 a.m. during the event.

As a main partner of the Zurich Film Festival, we help provide a platform for the world's most promising filmmakers. We also support the film festival in promoting exchange – among emerging filmmakers, established industry professionals, and the general public.

The annual Zurich Film Festival held each fall has established itself as a major platform for films by up-and-coming directors. It now attracts over 100,000 movie buffs to Zurich's festival cinemas and provides a varied program of side events for young and old alike. Credit Suisse has been a sponsor of the Zurich Film Festival since its inception, and its main partner since 2007. The bank has been a partner of the Golden Icon Award since 2012, and also supports the competitions "International Feature Film" and "International Film Music".

Since 2005 the Zurich Film Festival has gone from a small, regional festival to an internationally acclaimed event. Watch the video for highlights of the last year.

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