Why Sustainability matters to investors?

Sustainable investing at Credit Suisse

As a global financial institution, we have a role to play in society and with the environment. It is our belief, that it is possible while also generating market-rate returns. We believe that integrating ESG into investment analysis can help make for better-informed investment decisions, regardless of an investor’s motivation to achieve impact.

What is sustainable investing?

According to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), there are over 80 different terms used to describe approaches to sustainable investing. At Credit Suisse, we established our proprietary Sustainable Investment Framework, utilized to classify investment solutions across asset classes, geographies, and regulatory regimes, helping to match clients’ interests with relevant investment solutions.

The client journey

Understanding each client’s unique perspective is our priority, to ensure investment strategies are tailored to their specific needs, wishes and circumstances. Sustainable investing is part of this journey. Our approach is based on asking clients about their motivation for investing sustainably. These insights enable the identification of relevant investment approaches that can best achieve financial and sustainable objectives.  

Build for the future

When it comes to managing their wealth, many investors are looking for a new approach. Amid growing awareness about the many challenges facing our world, be it poverty, climate change, gender parity or the energy transition, people want to see that the businesses in which they invest are exploring and setting course on a more sustainable path. 

The sustainable investing spectrum

The Credit Suisse Sustainable Investment Framework outlines four primary approaches to sustainable investing, offering a spectrum of strategies so investors can build a portfolio based on personal goals, values and risk appetite.

Positions assessed not to be significantly involved in controversial business fields or incidents.

Positions assessed to be integrating environmental, social, and governance into their strategy.

Positions assessed to be in alignment with specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Positions assessed to be explicitly and intentionally contributing towards specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Investment Framework

Our different client segments are seeking ways to combine the achievement of financial returns with the generation of a positive social and/or environmental impact. This is why our Sustainable Investment Framework focuses on the application of ESG criteria and creating transparency for clients utilizing several approaches to sustainable investing strategies: exclusion; integration; thematic; and impact. This framework summarizes our approach on sustainable investment while bringing transparency to this ever-evolving space.