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Swiss Football Association. Insights and stories.



eFootball is already highly professional today.

Thomas Temperli, coach of the national eFootball team, is a true pioneer in eFootball and knows exactly what skills are needed when it comes to digital football.

Jana Brunner: "Never lose sight of your goal!"


Meriame Terchoun: "All is well that ends well!"


Sandrine Mauron: "I love the feeling of being alive!"


Interview with Denis Zakaria

Eight questions to Denis Zakaria.

Stephan Lichtsteiner

Stephan Lichtsteiner (35) is a defender at Arsenal London and has already reached the Champions League final. He has developed from a U-15 talent to a Swiss football legend and is one of the most valuable players of the Swiss national team.

Interview with Lara Dickenmann

Ten questions to Lara Dickenmann, "Credit Suisse Player of the Year 2018."

Interview with Yann Sommer

Ten questions to Yann Sommer, "Credit Suisse Player of the Year 2018." 
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