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  1. The Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index finished up 0.70% in January

    The Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index (the "Broad Index") finished up 0.70% for the month of January.

  2. Commodities Slightly Increased Amid Uncertainty

    Commodities slightly increased in January amid the changing global political environment and uncertainty surrounding the path of energy prices, according to Credit Suisse Asset Management.

  3. Diversity in the Workplace: Credit Suisse Ranks Top among the Largest Swiss Companies

    Credit Suisse receives award from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Commission for Technology and Innovation

  4. Credit Suisse Liquid Alternative Beta (LAB) Index Up 0.06% in January

    The Credit Suisse LAB Index was up 0.06% in January.

  5. Location Zug: At the top, but the lead is narrowing

    A new regional study by Credit Suisse on the economic region of Zug

  6. Economic Outlook of Swiss Financial Analysts Brightens

    Results of the first joint financial market survey by Credit Suisse and CFA Society Switzerland

  7. “Getting Over Globalization” - Outlook for 2017

    The Credit Suisse Research Institute examines the end of globalization as we know it and the passage from globalization to multipolarity - regions that are distinct in terms of their economies, laws, cultures and security networks.