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The Global wealth report. Raw data material.

Downloadable data sheets from the latest edition of the Global wealth report. For use by media outlets for creating infographics or finding country-specific data.

Changes in total household wealth mid 2018–mid 2019 by region

Region Total wealth Change in total wealth
  2019 USD bn 2018-2019 USD bn 2018-2019%
Africa 4,119 130 3.3
Asia Pacific 64,778 825 1.3
China 63,827 1,889 3.1
Europe 90,752 1,093 1,2
India 12,614 625 5,2
Latin America 9,906 463 4,9
North America 114,607 4,061 3.7
World 360,603 9,087 2.6

Note: Asia-Pacific excludes China and India. See page 6 of the Global wealth report for full table.

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