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The Global wealth report. Raw data material.

Downloadable data sheets from the latest edition of the Global wealth report. For use by media outlets for creating infographics or finding country-specific data.

Changes in total household wealth in 2019 by region

Region Total wealth Change in total wealth
  End-2019 USD bn  2019 USD bn 2019%
Africa 4,805 588 14.0
Asia Pacific 70,397 4,684 7.1
China 77,978 9,292 13.5
Europe 94,289 5,408 6.1
India 15,309 1,569 11.4
Latin America 12,418 1,081 9.5
North America 123,983 13,674 12.4
World 399,179 36,296 10.0

Note: Asia-Pacific excludes China and India.