Mortgage comparison. Find the right mortgage.

Mortgage comparison. Find the right mortgage.

There is a perfect mortgage for every dream property and any financial situation. Mortgages generally differ in terms of interest rate, interest rate adjustment, term, and how long before payment the mortgage can be taken out. The Credit Suisse mortgage comparison brings clarity to the mortgage jungle. 

What types of mortgages are there?

Fix mortgage: This is the classic fixed-rate mortgage. A fixed interest rate is set when the mortgage is taken out, and this rate applies for the entire term of the mortgage. This allows you to hedge against rising interest rates.

Forward fix mortgage: A forward fixed-rate mortgage, where the interest rate can be fixed up to three years before the mortgage is paid out. Here, too, you benefit from a hedge against a rise in market interest rates.

SARON mortgage: SARON stands for Swiss Average Rate Overnight. This is the base rate of the SARON mortgage. It is reset at the end of each business day in line with current market conditions. An individual surcharge is also levied. The interest amount accrued is announced at the end of the accounting period. Mortgage borrowers who expect mortgage rates to fall can benefit from the interest rate development with this model.

SARON rollover mortgage: The interest rate of the SARON rollover mortgage comprises the SARON rate supplemented by a premium or discount to account for hedging costs and an individual surcharge. In contrast to the SARON mortgage, the market interest rate from the previous period applies here. On the one hand, this makes it possible to know the mortgage interest rate at the beginning of the accounting period and, on the other hand, to participate in interest rate developments with a time lag.

Construction loan: A construction loan is best suited for construction projects, as it offers full flexibility in providing the credit line. This means that costs incurred, such as invoices, can be paid on an ongoing basis. In addition, a construction loan can be easily converted into a mortgage after completion of the construction project.

A mortgage for every circumstance

What does it look like in real life? Take a look at these examples.

A middle-aged couple without children.

The couple benefits from quite a lot of financial freedom as they have a stable income and no children. They expect interest rates to fall and are interested in benefiting from interest rate developments. On the other hand, absolute planning security is not so important to them. They choose a SARON mortgage.

A couple who have just had a baby. 

The couple expects increasing expenses. Planning security plays a major role in such a situation. They decide on a Fix mortgage.

A single person who has been working for a few years.

They expect increasing income in the future as well as falling interest rates. The SARON rollover mortgage is the optimal solution. Here, the interest rate is announced at the beginning of the accounting period, which ensures a certain degree of predictability. In this way, the mortgage holder can benefit from a positive interest rate development with a time lag.

An entrepreneur who wants to rent out the property they are purchasing.

They see the purchase as an investment and plan to pay the mortgage from the rental income. They choose the Forward fix mortgage, so that the rental income can be better planned.

A single person who wants to renovate their home.

The person plans to carry out a renovation in their home as well as an energy renovation. They decide to take out a construction loan in order to be able to pay the renovation costs directly. After the construction work is completed, the construction loan is to be converted into a mortgage.

A clear mortgage comparison is provided in the table below. You can find more information on taking out a mortgage and financing here.

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Comparison of Credit Suisse mortgages 

Fix mortgage

Forward fix mortgage

SARON mortgage

SARON rollover mortgage

Construction loan


Fixed term

Fixed amount

Fixed mortgage interest rate

Mortgage interest rate fixed up to three years in advance*

Floating rate. Announced at the end of the respective accounting period. **

Floating rate. Announced at the start of the accounting period. **

The management of a construction loan is in the form of a current account credit.

Can be converted into a mortgage.


2–15 years

2–15 years (incl. waiting period)

1–3 years

1–2 years

1–2 years

Interest rate        

Fixed interest rate***

Fixed interest rate***





Composed of the base rate (linked to SARON rate) and an individual surcharge

Composed of

1. base rate (linked to SARON rate)

2. premium or discount to reflect hedging costs (adjusted base rate)

3. individual surcharge

According to individual



0.25% credit commission

per quarter on the highest amount used


Converted into a mortgage

after closing statement.


Planning security Calculable mortgage interest costs over the entire term.

Attractive mortgage interest rate can be fixed for a later date.

Save interest when expecting consistently low or falling interest rates.

Save interest with a time lag when expecting consistently low or falling interest rates. Flexible payment options in connection with the financing of theconstruction project. 
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*Before payment of a new mortgage or extension of an existing mortgage

**The reference rate is the SARON overnight rate, which is reset at the end of each business day based on current market conditions.

***Non-binding reference rates at

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