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  1. Smart home – taking your home to the next level

    Smart home – taking your home to the next level

    The way we live is changing and adapting continuously to our needs. Thanks to rapid technological advancements, smart homes are now quite common. You can turn your own home into a smart home in no time at all just by following a few handy hints – even if you're on a tight budget. Find out everything you need to know about intelligent homes – from the basics to the latest innovations.

  2. Construction trends for the homes of the future

    Exciting homebuilding trends

    Homeowners' needs are constantly changing, including when it comes to housebuilding. What will our homes look like in the future? What influence will technical innovations and social change have? Find out about the exciting building trends that will define the homes of the future.

  3. Living big in a small way: The tiny-house movement

    Living big in a small way: The tiny-house movement

    What's the smallest space you could live in? Six square meters? Twenty? Forty-five? The latter is the Swiss average per capita. Tiny houses prove that good things do indeed come in small packages. As the perfect size for a single person, micro-houses have potential in Switzerland.

  4. Forms of ownership: ownership in common, joint ownership, or sole ownership

    Joint ownership, sole ownership, or ownership in common – what form of ownership is best for me?

    There are several forms of ownership in Switzerland. Which one you should choose when buying a property is determined by your own preferences and whether you are buying the property together with another party. Find out what options you have, how they differ from each other, and which ones suit your needs.

  5. Eco-friendly construction: Four measures for sustainable buildings

    Green homes: Four measures for environmentally friendly construction

    Green building is on trend. And with good reason: Conserving environmental resources and living sustainably help to safeguard the future and reduce costs. Read on for details of some sustainable construction options.

  6. Where to buy a home. Here's how to find the right location for your property.

    Where should your home be situated? Here's how to find the right location for your property.

    When choosing your future home, it's essential to think not only about the property itself, but also about its location. Properties in attractive areas come at a price, however, which makes it even more important to be completely clear about your own needs and preferences. Felix Thurnheer understands that. He is a real estate appraiser with the Swiss Association of Real Estate Appraisers and has been working in the real estate sector for 20 years. Read on for his expert tips and advice on how to find the right location for your property.

  7. Living in a historical building: Special features of listed properties

    Buying a listed building. What you need to know beforehand.

    Whether it's on an idyllic farm or in a townhouse from yesteryear, living in a historical building offers a unique atmosphere. However, buying a listed building also involves assuming obligations for its preservation. This is why, when buying such a property, prospective buyers should take into account potential renovation or refurbishment work they may want to carry out later. Find out what you need to know as the owner of a historical building.

  8. Living in a multi-generational house: A trend for all ages

    Living in a multi-generational house: An alternative for young and old alike.

    Living together instead of everyone for themselves. In multi-generational homes, everyone from kids to seniors can be housemates. But what exactly is multi-generational living? What are its pros and cons?

  9. Tenancy law in the Canton of Basel-Stadt: New rules for housing shortages

    Increased protection for tenants in the canton of Basel-Stadt. That is changing.

    The Canton of Basel-Stadt has strengthened tenant protection in times of housing shortages. For landlords, this means less freedom when it comes to determining rents and more bureaucracy. An overview of the most important changes.

  10. How rental purchases work. Tips for the rental purchase agreement.

    How rental purchases work. All the important facts at a glance

    A rental purchase makes it possible to rent a property first and acquire it later. In this context, the rent represents a down payment for the purchase. In this article, you can find out under what circumstances a rental purchase can be particularly worthwhile and what to look out for in the rental agreement.