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  1. Smart homes: What smart home systems and home automation make possible

    Living in a smart home. Better security, efficiency, and comfort.

    More security, more energy efficiency and more comfort – modern home automation promises all this. Smart home systems can be conveniently controlled while you're on the move. But when does a home count as smart and what can the smart home really do?

  2. Trends in house construction: These trends are dominating the real estate construction market

    "Fifty percent of our new buildings have doors with fingerprint locks"

    A beautiful garden and a smart home – this is what the Swiss want, says Corrado Palermo, managing director and owner of Unica Architektur AG. In an interview, he talks about trends in house construction and explains the origin of these residential trends.

  3. Tiny house: A tiny house is more than a small house

    Tiny houses are big: The "tiny house" way to live

    On how few square meters could you live? Six, twenty, forty-five? That last number is the per capita average in Switzerland. Tiny houses show that something beautiful can emerge even in a small space. Tiny houses have potential in Switzerland as "single houses."

  4. Buying real estate – seven myths about home ownership debunked

    Seven common misconceptions about buying a house – why you can afford your own home after all

    Many people give up on the dream of owning their own house or apartment because they are too worried about making the wrong decision. Read our seven misconceptions about buying property and find out why you can actually afford to buy your own home after all. 

  5. buy-or-rent-reasons-for-your-own-home

    Renting vs. buying – Consider the advantages and disadvantages

    Interest rates on mortgages are at historically low levels. However, the situation could soon change. That is reason enough to start thinking about whether it might be worthwhile to buy a house instead of renting.

  6. residential-property-how-forms-of-ownership-differ

    The Most Suitable Form of Home Ownership

    By yourself, together with a partner, as joint owner, or in an association: Owning property can take many forms. Here is an overview of the most important ownership structures.

  7. buying-a-house-finding-the-dream-house-with-a-little-luck

    A Little Luck Helped in the House-Buying Process

    Sometimes, you find your dream house by chance. That was the case for Melanie and Marc Kaufmann. The couple dreamed of having their own detached house and found their new home close to where they were currently living.

  8. building-a-home-the-road-to-a-dream-house

    Building the House of Their Dreams

    The road to owning a dream home is different for everybody. Urs Viktor Strausak and Martina Feil decided to build their own, and they felt at home in next to no time.

  9. the-likelihood-of-the-imputed-rental-value-being-abolished-is-growing

    "Without Imputed Rental Value, Home Ownership Would Suddenly Become More Attractive"

    Fredy Hasenmaile, Head of Real Estate Analysis at Credit Suisse, believes that the abolition of the imputed rental value is more likely than it has been for a long time. He tells us what this means and what else property owners need to watch out for in the future.

  10. real-estate-prices-switzerland-where-it-is-particularly-expensive-to-buy-a-home

    House Prices Are Rising Again – Where Home-Buying Is Still Affordable

    Real estate prices in Switzerland are rising again, as illustrated by the Credit Suisse study on the real estate market in 2018. For many people, home ownership is no longer affordable. But buying a home doesn't cost the same everywhere, and prices vary sharply from region to region.