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  1. Tenancy law in the Canton of Basel-Stadt: New rules for housing shortages

    Increased protection for tenants in the canton of Basel-Stadt. That is changing.

    The Canton of Basel-Stadt has strengthened tenant protection in times of housing shortages. For landlords, this means less freedom when it comes to determining rents and more bureaucracy. An overview of the most important changes.

  2. How rental purchases work. Tips for the rental purchase agreement.

    How rental purchases work. All the important facts at a glance

    A rental purchase makes it possible to rent a property first and acquire it later. In this context, the rent represents a down payment for the purchase. In this article, you can find out under what circumstances a rental purchase can be particularly worthwhile and what to look out for in the rental agreement.

  3. Efficient use of living space. How to build yourself a small house.

    Reducing habitable floor area. An affordable home in a smaller space.

    There are many reasons for space-efficient building. Reducing the habitable floor area, for instance, makes sense from both a sustainable and a financial perspective. After all, those who use the habitable floor area efficiently can get a lot out of a small house and save on costs.

  4. Mortgage comparison. Find the right mortgage.

    Mortgage comparison. Find the right mortgage.

    There is a perfect mortgage for every dream property and any financial situation. Mortgages generally differ in terms of interest rate, interest rate adjustment, term, and how long before payment the mortgage can be taken out. The Credit Suisse mortgage comparison brings clarity to the mortgage jungle. 

  5. Real estate sector: rethinking sustainability

    The real estate sector's green future. Rethinking sustainability. 

    The real estate sector is striving for greater sustainability. But what does sustainability actually mean? A professor from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology proposes a new definition. In addition, three projects reveal how sustainable construction could be implemented.

  6. Where to buy a home. Here's how to find the right location for your property.

    Where should your owner-occupied home be situated? Here's how to find the right location for your property. 

    When choosing your future residential property, it's essential to not only think about the property itself, but also its location. Properties in attractive residential locations come at a price, which makes it even more important to be completely clear about your own needs and preferences. 

  7. Living in a multi-generational house: A trend for all ages

    Living in a multi-generational house: An alternative for young and old alike. 

    All for one and one for all. In multi-generational homes, everyone from kids to seniors can be housemates. But what exactly is multi-generational living? What are its pros and cons? 

  8. Purchasing residential property. Despite high real estate prices.

    Fulfill your dream of owning your own home. Despite high real estate prices.

    People really want to own their own home. But high real estate prices often make this impossible. Why is residential property becoming more and more expensive? And how can you still fulfill the dream of owning your own home? Thomas Rieder, Real Estate Economist at Credit Suisse and an expert on the Swiss real estate market, explains.

  9. Smart homes: What smart home systems and home automation make possible

    Living in a smart home. Better security, efficiency, and comfort.

    More security, more energy efficiency and more comfort – modern home automation promises all this. Smart home systems can be conveniently controlled while you're on the move. But when does a home count as smart and what can the smart home really do?

  10. The housebuilding of the future: Seven construction trends for the housebuilding of tomorrow

    The future of housebuilding. Seven exciting construction trends. 

    What will homes look like in the future? Technical innovations and social trends are changing the way homes are built. Discover the exciting construction trends that will shape the housebuilding of the future.