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  1. Buying property as a foreigner: What you need to know about purchasing a home

    Buying property as a foreigner: What you need to know about purchasing a home

    Purchasing real estate in Switzerland when you are a foreigner – is that even possible? Yes, depending on your citizenship and residence permit. From purchase authorization to mortgage applications for foreigners – what individuals with foreign nationality need to know about purchasing real estate in this country.

  2. Real estate market in Switzerland: Inflation due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine

    Inflation hits the Swiss real estate market

    A seemingly never-ending phase of low interest rates has caused real estate values to skyrocket. Find out how the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine are bringing an end to the low interest rate era and what this means for the Swiss real estate market. The Real Estate Monitor Q2 on the consequences for owners, tenants, and construction companies.

  3. Purchasing a home and joint mortgages – everything you need to know about buying real estate as a married couple

    Purchasing a home and joint mortgages. Everything you need to know about real estate purchases as a married couple.

    The topic of purchasing a home is very important for many married couples. What should be considered when taking on a mortgage? What are the differences with respect to cohabitation? We explain what married couples should take into account when buying real estate.

  4. Mortgage comparison. Find the right mortgage.

    Mortgage comparison. Find the right mortgage.

    There is a perfect mortgage for every dream property and any financial situation. Mortgages generally differ in terms of interest rate, interest rate adjustment, term, and how long before payment the mortgage can be taken out. The Credit Suisse mortgage comparison brings clarity to the mortgage jungle. 

  5. Rental apartment market: Demand unaffected by the pandemic

    Demand on the rental apartment market is strong. In spite of the pandemic. 

    The demand for rental apartments has been unaffected by the pandemic. In 2022 as well, landlords can expect the market to show keen interest in their rental properties. However, the percentage of newly built apartments for rent is declining. That means the supply of rental apartments is lagging behind the demand.

  6. The real estate market in Switzerland: Residential property is becoming more expensive

    2022 real estate study: Too little construction activity is leading to higher residential property prices

    The Swiss real estate market is characterized by sharply rising prices for residential property. That is making it more difficult for many to finance home ownership. Credit Suisse's 2022 real estate study reveals the causes: short supply, persistently high demand, and sales techniques such as the bidding process.

  7. Real estate market in 2022: Pandemic slows down urbanization

    Swiss real estate market in 2022: The pandemic is slowing down urbanization

    The COVID-19 pandemic has longer-term consequences than originally assumed; the blurred lines between office and home have shifted house-hunter demand to less central locations. While this does not mark the end of urbanization, it will likely be slowed down in major urban centers. The 2022 real estate study also shows the other ways in which changed demand behavior affects the Swiss real estate market.

  8. What is a mortgage? Key facts at a glance.

    What is a mortgage? Key facts at a glance.

    A mortgage is a loan for the purchase of real estate. The mortgage interest is the price of the mortgage. As a guarantee, the mortgage lender receives a mortgage note on the real estate. In our article, you will find out how to take out a mortgage and what to consider.

  9. Real estate gains tax: Taxes are due when selling a house

    The sale of a house results in real estate gains tax.

    When selling real estate or a plot of land from private property at profit, a special tax, known as real estate gains tax, is applied. How much tax is actually owed on the sale of the house depends on the cantonal tax law as well as the duration of ownership.

  10. Easements: What are easements?

    Everything homeowners need to know about easements

    Those who know what easements are have no need to shy away from challenges as a (future) homeowner. An example of what homeowners need to know about easements can be seen in the following example with the couple Fabienne and Christian.