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  1. Upgrade your heating while protecting the environment and your wallet

    Upgrade your heating system. Protect the environment and your wallet.

    Renovating your heating system pays off in many ways, from lower heating bills to a lower environmental impact of your property. But replacing your heating system costs a great deal of time and money. Read here about the right way to update your heating system, step by step.

  2. Living in a multi-generational house: A trend for all ages

    Living in a multi-generational house: An alternative for young and old alike. 

    All for one and one for all. In multi-generational homes, everyone from kids to seniors can be housemates. But what exactly is multi-generational living? What are its pros and cons? 

  3. Ticino real estate market: Strong demand for real estate in Ticino

    Intense construction activity brings stable real estate prices to Ticino

    Sun, nature, and the Italian way of life: Owning a home in Ticino is an attractive prospect for many. In our interview, Alberto Donada, Head of the Ticino Mortgage Center, explains how the Ticino real estate market is progressing and what you should know before buying a house.

  4. Home additions: Options and procedures when adding to your house

    Increase your living space with a home addition. Here are the options. 

    You do not have to move house just because things are starting to feel cramped in your owner-occupied home. An addition creates more space and increases the value of your house in the process. The options range from extending outward to adding a story or converting an attic. 

  5. Purchasing residential property. Despite high real estate prices.

    Fulfill your dream of owning your own home. Despite high real estate prices.

    People really want to own their own home. But high real estate prices often make this impossible. Why is residential property becoming more and more expensive? And how can you still fulfill the dream of owning your own home? Thomas Rieder, Real Estate Economist at Credit Suisse and an expert on the Swiss real estate market, explains.

  6. Setback: distance between a house or a fence and the property line or boundary

    Construction projects on your home and garden: These setback lines apply.

    Anyone planning to build an extension to their house or erect a boundary treatment around their lot must observe the setback lines of houses, fences, and trees in accordance with neighbor law. What you need to be aware of and when it is a good idea to call in a specialist.

  7. Real estate market: Facts from the real estate study and Real Estate Monitor

    Swiss real estate market: Current facts

    The quarterly Real Estate Monitor and the annual real estate study from Credit Suisse provide a comprehensive look at the Swiss real estate market. The publications focus on the long-term development of supply and demand for real estate in Switzerland.

  8. Building permits: Rental housing construction continues to boom.

    Rental apartment construction continues to boom. Even in the wake of COVID-19.

    Rental apartment construction continues to boom despite the COVID-19 crisis. However, the situation is different for owner-occupied housing, where the number of building permits has dropped to a record low. Because demand remains high, prices are back on the rise.

  9. Smart homes: What smart home systems and home automation make possible

    Living in a smart home. Better security, efficiency, and comfort.

    More security, more energy efficiency and more comfort – modern home automation promises all this. Smart home systems can be conveniently controlled while you're on the move. But when does a home count as smart and what can the smart home really do?

  10. Buying an old house: What to look out for in old properties

    Buying an old property – look out for these seven hidden costs 

    Affordable old buildings are highly sought after. But it is important to take a close look at older properties and not rush into signing a contract under time pressure. What you need to consider aside from location, price, and character when buying an old property – so you can turn an old house into your dream home.