Philanthropy: advancing aid projects through social commitment

From inclusion to protections of species. Philanthropy that works.

People who are committed to philanthropy and want to provide financial assistance to non-profit aid projects can rely on the support of the charitable umbrella foundations of Credit Suisse. In this way, we can jointly realize successful cultural, ecological and social projects. Three examples. 

Umbrella foundations help find and manage projects

Wanting to commit assets for philanthropic purposes is a truly generous gesture. However, donors frequently fail to find the right project to invest in with the necessary confidence that the funds will be used for the intended purpose. People, who establish their own subfoundation often do not have the time to deal with the administrative responsibilities. To help philanthropists achieve their charitable goals under these circumstances, the umbrella foundations of Credit Suisse, Symphasis, Accentus, and Empiris, assist them in selecting and managing projects.

The umbrella foundations contact appropriate project partners and examine projects worthy of funding based on numerous criteria. This includes analyzing the current situation, aim and beneficiaries of the project, as well as the required project budget. The sustainability of the project also plays a significant role. Project checks are defined to minimize risks. This serves to ensure investors that their donations are well invested and contribute to the desired purpose.

The following three examples show the progress that can be achieved through philanthropic donations.

Performances of a special nature at the "Theater Hora"

Promoting inclusivity – that is the declared aim of the Symphasis umbrella foundation by providing financial assistance to the Theater Hora in Zurich. It is the only professional theater in Switzerland, whose ensemble members all have an IV-certified mental impairment. The theater supports the actors in their creative development and offers them the opportunity to present their talent in Switzerland and abroad.

Instead of adapting the performers to the standards of "non-impaired theater",
this theater offers forms and formats for actors that allow them to show their individual talents. This results in a very special type of artistic performance: the audience is encouraged to reflect about their perception of what is normal, natural, or the given run of things. Thus, the shows at the Theater Hora enrich not only the world of theater. Moreover, through its art, the institution also experiments how notions of inclusivity could also work in other parts of society.

Social commitment promotes inclusivity at Hora Theater

Social commitment also promotes the uniqueness of human nature

The Hora actors perform their shows freely and with self-confidence. The theater company is encouraged to explore their autonomy to the greatest possible extent.

Source: Theater Hora

The return of the bearded vulture to the Nature Reserve and Wildlife Park Goldau

Advancing the diversity of bird species – that is what clients can achieve at the Nature Reserve and Wildlife Park Goldau with the help of the Symphasis umbrella foundation. The "Pro Bartgeier" foundation strives to reintroduce the indigenous bearded vulture in the Alps. In the 19th century, this large bird of prey became almost extinct. Extermination was largely due to a fatal superstition: due to the bird's impressive appearance, farmers believed that the bearded vulture was preying on their sheep. Today, this belief has been disproved, and we know that bearded vultures feed purely on carrion.

Reintroducing the birds was a lengthy process. Bearded vultures take a long time to reach maturity and breed only very slowly. Breeding vulture pairs are often only able to raise one juvenile per season. To grow a population capable of survival, the birds need special protection and careful monitoring. Thanks to the financial support for hatching and breeding programs across the Alps, breeding pairs of bearded vultures are now found again at 42 locations. 16 of them are located in the Swiss Alps.


Aid projects campaign for endangered species

With a wing span of 2.8 meters, the bearded vulture is the largest breeding bird species in the Alps. Due to breeding programs, the numbers of the population in the wild stabilized again.

Source: Hansruedi Weyrich

Barrier-free premises at the School for the Blind in Zollikofen

Philanthropists, with the assistance of the Accentus umbrella foundation, provide barrier-free facilities to live and learn for children with disabilities at the boarding school of the School for the Blind at Zollikofen. The school has been teaching blind children since 1961. In addition to a visual disability, students also often suffer from other impairments that require special care and resources.

A barrier-free environment is particularly important to give the children a sense of security and well-being in the educational process. Classrooms and boarding facilities must be adapted to the necessary standards and requirements. Hence, the Accentus umbrella foundation has been funding the construction of a new wheelchair-accessible building since 2016.

enlargement of the school for the blind is funded by donations of philantrophy

The enlargement of the school for the blind is funded by philanthropic donations

The "anders sehen" (seeing with a difference) pavilion is an exhibition center aimed at demonstrating blind teaching methods at schools and in public.

Source: Blindenschule Zollikofen

Philanthropic commitments that achieve their goals

Cultural, ecological and social commitment is a labor of love. All the more important to assist philanthropists in their honorable endeavors. Selection, examination and management of the projects through the Credit Suisse umbrella foundations ensure that assets are invested sensibly. This is how our clients can donate money with a good conscience.

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