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  1. Swiss economy: Five stabilizing factors in times of crisis

    Persevering in crisis. Five factors keep the Swiss economy strong.

    Countries all around Switzerland are facing recession signals – yet Swiss companies are surprisingly positive about the new year and the development of the Swiss economy. Where does the confidence come from? Five factors that bolster the country's economy.

  2. Inflation: everything you need to know about inflation and the like

    Inflation made simple

    Investors live in fear of inflation. They are afraid of currency devaluation and uncontrollable equity markets. However, is there any justification to referring to inflation as a specter? What do terms such as inflation, deflation, and real interest rate mean? Inflation made simple.

  3. Switzerland as an economic center: A small country with a strong economy

    Switzerland: A small country with a strong economy

    Switzerland is beautiful, innovative, and successful. This has not always been the case – and is also not a matter of course. Switzerland owes its strong economy to factors including its pioneering spirit, its location, and its political system, among others. Find out more about Switzerland's model for success and the insights for financial investments that can be drawn from this stable foundation.

  4. Investing: Staying on course with Supertrends.

    Staying on course when investing. With Supertrends.

    What concerns society ultimately leads to change in the long term. The six Credit Suisse Supertrends use this approach. How societal trends lead to effective investing and which focus is the basis of the Supertrends in 2022.

  5. Private equity offers attractive opportunities for private investors

    Private equity: Attractive opportunities for private investors away from the stock exchange

    Private equity funds are a great way to invest in attractive companies away from the stock market using only a small amount of capital. These alternative investments play an increasingly important role in terms of stabilizing and diversifying portfolios – particularly in the current environment of high volatility and uncertainty. How does private equity work, and how can private individuals invest in it? 

  6. Alternative investments: Means to diversify a portfolio

    Alternative investments: A deep dive into the most common myths

    Persistent myths surround alternative investments. That being said, this asset category likely makes sense as a portfolio complement, especially in the current environment: both as a valuable source of returns and for portfolio diversification. A closer look at the most common myths regarding alternative investments.

  7. Volatile markets: Investing in turbulent times

    How to invest in volatile markets.

    The start of the year was characterized by high volatility on financial markets – a situation that is likely to persist for some time. That makes it all the more important to adopt the right approach to securities. Investor recommendations for a well-equipped portfolio in turbulent times.

  8. Commodity markets proving highly sensitive to war in Ukraine.

    Conflict in Ukraine. Commodity markets also suffering the shock.

    The conflict in Ukraine is also likely to impact Europe's energy transition because commodity markets are reacting to the current news coverage with extreme sensitivity. The crisis could cause changes with benefits for renewable energies while accelerating some measures aimed at energy conservation.

  9. Restrictive stance from central banks: The economic situation is strong enough

    Central banks are adopting a restrictive stance in 2022

    The investor-friendly course has come to an end. Central banks are tightening the interest rate screw and adopting a more restrictive stance. Where can investors still find attractive return opportunities? Financial markets forecasts for 2022.

  10. Investment strategy: A look at equity performance in 2022

    Investment strategy for equities: What investors need to know for 2022.

    Corporate profits will likely be the most important driver of equity returns in 2022. The new Investment Outlook from Credit Suisse highlights exciting forecasts of financial market trends and what you need to know for a successful investment strategy in the new year.