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  1. Philanthropy: advancing aid projects through social commitment

    From inclusion to protections of species. Philanthropy that works.

    People who are committed to philanthropy and want to provide financial assistance to non-profit aid projects can rely on the support of the charitable umbrella foundations of Credit Suisse. In this way, we can jointly realize successful cultural, ecological and social projects. Three examples. 

  2. emerging-markets-emerging-market-equities-in-an-uptrend

    Invest in emerging markets. Benefit from the momentum.

    Many equity markets in emerging economies are subject to sharp fluctuations. There is a big gap between successes and reverses. Overall, the emerging markets are seeing an upward trend, which offers continuing upside potential. How investors can best position themselves.

  3. credit-suisses-umbrella-foundations-support-charitable-institutions

    Philanthropy in practice. Three examples.

    Anyone looking to invest in a good cause has many options to choose from. Credit Suisse's umbrella foundations offer an extensive network of charitable institutions. Three examples illustrate the impact donations can have.

  4. Global economy: Prospects for the exchange with Burkhard Varnholt

    "Investors have good reason to be optimistic"

    At this year's Credit Suisse Investment Conference, experts and investors spoke about trends, threats and opportunities in the field of investment. Burkhard Varnholt, Chief Investment Officer for Switzerland, outlined the prospects for the global economy's development. What's happening on the exchange and how the economy will develop.

  5. fintech-banks-harness-the-potential-of-open-banking

    Fintech: banks harness the potential of open banking

    Banks collaborate closely with fintechs in order to offer their clients innovative services. The "Finanz und Wirtschaft" fintech conference explored the practical potential of open banking and where Credit Suisse is headed in this regard.

  6. philanthropy-how-to-achieve-your-philanthropic-goals

    Being a philanthropist. For the greater good.

    Are you concerned about social and environmental matters? Would you like to use your assets for charitable purposes? We look at what can be achieved through philanthropic donations, and how Credit Suisse will support you.

  7. economy-in-china-economic-growth-despite-challenges

    China's economy is facing challenges. Yet these can be overcome.

    Despite the trade war, the 2019 investment year should be positive for the economy in China. Find out how China is overcoming these challenges and why there are still investment opportunities there.

  8. high-frequency-traders-on-the-exchange-survival-of-the-fastest

    Fast, faster. High-frequency traders.

    Milliseconds count: With the aid of supercomputers and fast data connections, high-frequency traders try to make a profit trading on the stock market. How does this automated equity trading work?

  9. 2019 economic forecast: market analysis of three scenarios

    2019 economic forecast: three possible scenarios

    An analysis of recent years shows that surprises are never far away on the markets. This is why successful investors work on the basis of probabilities, remain flexible and consider a range of market scenarios. Three well-known scenarios in economic forecasting are the optimistic "bull" scenario, the middling scenario and the pessimistic or "bear" scenario. Three forecasts for the economy in 2019:

  10. The TINA principle is out. The forecasts for the world economy in 2019 are good.

    No alternative? TINA is out – we are ready for 2019

    The TINA principle (= there is no alternative) seems to be out. The world economy is in for an interesting year in 2019. Global differences in growth, monetary policy, and geopolitics will likely present investors with challenges.