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Philanthropy and client foundations

We work with our clients to help them incorporate their personal values and objectives in their philanthropic strategy. We can also create subfoundations for them under one of Credit Suisse's umbrella charitable foundations.


Credit Suisse Client Foundations

We can create subfoundations for clients under one of Credit Suisse's umbrella charitable foundations – Accentus, Empiris and Symphasis in Switzerland or SymAsia in Singapore.

Accentus Foundation

The Accentus Foundation was set up in 2000. The charitable foundation promotes social, humanitarian, cultural, medical, environmental and other charitable causes. The following is a selection of its existing funds:

  • Verena Guggisberg-Lüthi

  • Streule

  • Swiss Chess (Schach Schweiz)

Empiris Foundation

The Empiris Foundation was established in 2002 with the aim of supporting projects in research, science and education. The following is a selection of its existing funds:

  • Martin Stoffel

  • Judith Linggi

  • Hörnli

Symphasis Foundation

The Symphasis Foundation, founded in 2002, supports and finances charities committed to social, humanitarian or environmental causes, culture, health and sports. The following is a selection of its existing funds:

  • Protection des forêts tropicales

  • Dietrich Peter Schindler

  • Yalda

SymAsia Foundation

SymAsia Foundation Ltd was established in 2010 as a company limited by guarantee with Credit Suisse as the sole subscriber. Via the SymAsia platform, donors may set up their own foundations and direct giving to charitable causes/organizations worldwide. SymAsia will disburse funds as directed. SymaAsia is managed by a professional Credit Suisse team and governed by an independent Board of Directors. SymAsia has partnered with donors to support and promote their charitable causes. Two examples are described in more detail below.

  • Aligning client's business and corporate responsibility: Luxasia Foundation

  • Consolidated personal and corporate branding: Stephen Riady Group of Foundations

  • United Against COVID-19