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  1. Stay Informed with Investment Advice and Expertise

    Stay Informed with Investment Advice and Expertise

    As an interested investor, you want to stay on top of current events in the economy and the markets. Which investments are trending? What is the latest expert opinion? What should one bear in mind when investing? Credit Suisse has extensive international expertise in the financial markets. We make this available to you in "Invest Better".

  2. Philanthropy: advancing aid projects through social commitment

    From inclusion to protections of species. Philanthropy that works.

    People who are committed to philanthropy and want to provide financial assistance to non-profit aid projects can rely on the support of the charitable umbrella foundations of Credit Suisse. In this way, we can jointly realize successful cultural, ecological and social projects. Three examples. 

  3. investing in october financial equities are currently attractively valued

    Investing in October: Our forecast in brief

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium-term and their implications for investors. Financial equities and US securities are currently attractive investments. The bond situation remains difficult for investors.

  4. Economic growth is picking up: Equities promise good performance

    Video: James Sweeney on why the global economy is gathering steam again

    The health curve of the world's economy is likely to trend more strongly upward again in the near future. In the video, James Sweeney, Chief Economist and Regional CIO Americas at Credit Suisse, explains why investors should increasingly focus on equities.

  5. 5G: Transmit mobile data in record time thanks to 5G technology

    5G. A growth market for the connected world.

    Growing interconnectedness is pushing traditional mobile networks to their limits. The proliferation of 5G technology may be the solution to these problems in the telecommunications sector. 5G enables unprecedented line speed for mobile data, creating completely new areas of application for mobile devices.

  6. invest-for-the-long-term-don't-hesitate-when-it-comes-to-investing-your-money

    Invest for the long term. The best time to start is today.

    Fear of potential crises or dips in the economy should not influence an investment strategy. This is particularly the case when you want to invest for the long term. As a general rule when investing, taking action typically pays off more than waiting passively.

  7. Investment fund savings plan: Save via funds to invest for the long term

    Reach your long-term saving goals. With the Investment fund savings plan.

    In the past, people who wanted to save opened a savings account in the hope of obtaining high interest rates. Nowadays, an Investment fund savings plan is a more promising alternative: Long-term saving is combined with investing. How saving via funds succeeds. 

  8. Investing in September: Continued preference for US equities

    Investing in September: Our forecast in brief

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium term and their implications for investors. US equities remain desirable for investors. However, industrial activity in Switzerland remains weak.

  9. Financial markets – recession is not yet around the corner

    John Woods in the video: Volatile markets challenge investors

    Geopolitical risks are shaking the financial markets, and recession is just a matter of time. But it's not yet on the horizon. John Woods, Chief Investment Officer Asia Pacific, explains in the video why and how investors can diversify their portfolios and benefit despite the volatility.

  10. Education technology: Revolution in the classroom

    Digitalization in the classroom. Modern technology is changing learning.

    Young people need new skills to use modern technologies such as digitization, automation, and artificial intelligence. A revolution is therefore under way in education technology – one that is shaping the world of teaching and learning, and represents a booming market for investors.