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  1. Tech stocks are making investors nervous

    Interview with John Woods: Tech stocks causing volatility 

    Tech stocks have attracted high valuations since the start of the year, but are now suffering from volatility. Although many investors are feeling nervous, the economic recovery is not at risk of being derailed, says John Woods, Regional CIO for APAC with Credit Suisse. He believes the recovery will continue. 

  2. Stock market trends: Equities still attractive for investors

    Equities showing potential. Four reasons why stock market trends are pointing up.

    Economic fluctuations are still possible, but investors can use equities to benefit even from the current stock market trends. That is because they still offer upside potential. So, it is advisable to have a well-thought-out investment strategy that will pay off in the long run.

  3. Sustainable stocks: Sustainable investing makes sense

    Sustainable stocks. An investment solution with a future.

    Interest in sustainable investments is growing worldwide. The reason for this is simple: Such investments are performing well. Particularly in Switzerland and in emerging markets, sustainable stocks are delivering above average returns and sustainable investing promises to remain attractive.

  4. Investing in September: Our forecast in brief

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium term and their implications for investors. The financial markets are recovering slowly but surely from the economic crisis. Swiss equities offer good opportunities at present.

  5. Economic growth: Investments in equities are still worthwhile

    An interview with Michael Strobaek: We have one of the deepest recessions in history behind us.

    Following the severe recession early this year, the economy continues to grow. However, it will take time for things to return to normal, and investors need to weigh the risks carefully. Nevertheless, they don't need to worry and can profit from the stock rally even after the rebound.

  6. Commodities: The whys and hows of investing in commodities

    Invest in commodities. Diversify your portfolio.

    We deal with commodities in our day-to-day lives: when shopping, at the gas station, and when making a call with a mobile phone. But investors can also invest in commodities. To diversify their portfolio, for example. Because commodity price trends correlate little with those of other types of investments.

  7. Real estate investing: Generate returns with real estate funds and similar investments

    Invest in real estate. Take advantage of attractive investment opportunities.

    There are many ways to invest in real estate, from direct purchases and equities, to real estate funds and crowdinvesting. Read what investors should keep in mind, and why real estate investments are particularly smart at the moment. 

  8. Alternative investments: Achieve a more stable portfolio

    Achieve greater portfolio stability. With alternative investments. 

    Alternative investments are a good way to round off a portfolio and spread your risks. How alternative forms of investment differ from other options and why they are an exciting way to invest.

  9. Equity markets: How investors should handle their money

    Equity markets improving after the recession

    The stock rally continues and the recession is being followed by a global recovery, which means exciting opportunities for investors. Many people are still hesitant to invest. However, this may be the perfect time to take part in the equity market.

  10. Structured products – better than their reputation suggests

    Making innovative investments – structured products open up new options

    Low interest rates and high equity valuations are causing investors to look for suitable alternatives. Structured products combine derivatives with traditional investment products, thus offering variable investment opportunities so you can leverage attractive potential yields in any market environment. This article reveals what you need to know about the topic.