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  1. philanthropy-how-to-achieve-your-philanthropic-goals

    Being a philanthropist. For the greater good.

    Are you concerned about social and environmental matters? Would you like to use your assets for charitable purposes? We look at what can be achieved through philanthropic donations, and how Credit Suisse will support you.

  2. funds-what-you-need-to-know-about-investment-funds

    Funds explained: the mechanics of investment funds

    Funds are promising investment options for investors. But what exactly are funds and how do they work? Learn about the different types of funds, what benefits they offer, and what you as an investor should be aware of.

  3. biotechnology-industry-is-attracting-the-interest-of-pharmaceutical-companies

    Pharmaceutical companies are investing in the biotechnology industry.

    Innovative drugs from the biotechnology industry are dominating the healthcare market. And the trend is growing. This creates opportunities, not just for investors. Pharmaceutical companies are also making use of biotechnology knowledge. For instance, the immune system of the naked mole rat is contributing to cancer research.

  4. Bonds: How interest-rate developments affect returns

    Bonds react to interest-rate developments. What it means for investors.

    The price of a bond may change during the term. Learn how interest-rate development impacts the value of fixed-interest securities and how investors can strategically align their bond portfolio.

  5. indirect-real-estate-investments-positive-annual-performance-expected

    Positive annual performance expected from indirect Swiss real estate investments

    Indirect investments in Swiss real estate experienced value adjustments last year. These turned out to be an overreaction. The price-risk ratio is very attractive once again. We therefore expect a positive annual performance from real estate funds and equities.

  6. investments-in-march-neutral-outlook-for-global-equities

    Investments in March: Our forecast in brief

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market trends over the short to medium term and their implications for investors. Global equities reduced to neutral.

  7. economy-in-china-economic-growth-despite-challenges

    China's economy is facing challenges. Yet these can be overcome.

    Despite the trade war, the 2019 investment year should be positive for the economy in China. Find out how China is overcoming these challenges and why there are still investment opportunities there.

  8. investing-money-without-risk-tips-for-uncertain-times

    Financial market uncertainty stirs up fears. This is how to invest your money more safely.

    There is no way of investing money without risk. Political or economic growth concerns weigh on the financial markets time after time. How should investors react during uncertain times? Important tips on how to invest your money safely.

  9. high-frequency-traders-on-the-exchange-survival-of-the-fastest

    Fast, faster. High-frequency traders.

    Milliseconds count: With the aid of supercomputers and fast data connections, high-frequency traders try to make a profit trading on the stock market. How does this automated equity trading work?

  10. Augmented and virtual reality: The trend is growing

    Augmented reality: A particularly promising trend

    The digitalization trend of augmented and virtual reality is continuously expanding in virtually all areas of life, thus offering attractive investment opportunities for investors, who can expect stable and above-average investment performance.