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  1. cyber-security-as-an-investment-trend-protection-from-cyber-attacks

    Digital networking is increasing. Cyber security is becoming a structural megatrend.

    Security, and especially cyber security, is a major issue of our times. Both companies and private individuals must protect against cyber attacks. For investors, this is an opportunity to invest in the cyber security trend. 

  2. Global economy: Prospects for the exchange with Burkhard Varnholt

    "Investors have good reason to be optimistic"

    At this year's Credit Suisse Investment Conference, experts and investors spoke about trends, threats and opportunities in the field of investment. Burkhard Varnholt, Chief Investment Officer for Switzerland, outlined the prospects for the global economy's development. What's happening on the exchange and how the economy will develop.

  3. Augmented reality and virtual reality: integration across industries

    Increased integration of augmented and virtual reality across industries 

    The technology-Supertrend virtual and augmented reality is gaining more prominence throughout the economy: Enterprises are increasingly integrating augmented and virtual reality technology into their workflows. This not only improves the industry’s efficiency, but also offers interesting investment opportunities.  

  4. Investing in June: Equities still attractive despite trade war

    Investing in June: Our forecast in brief

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium term and their implications for investors. Equities still attractive despite escalation of trade war. Nonetheless, Swiss industry is stagnating.

  5. equities-remain-attractive-global-cio-strobaek-in-a-video-interview

    Video with Michael Strobaek: Continued positive environment for equities

    After a strong rally, equity markets experienced a setback in early May. Michael Strobaek, Global CIO of Credit Suisse, talks in the video about the appropriate investment strategy and explains that investors can generate higher returns over the long term with Supertrends. 

  6. impact-investments-invest-in-climate-protection-with-impact-investing

    Combine returns and climate protection. With impact investments.

    Would you like to reconcile your financial interests and climate protection? New ways to invest such as impact investments and sustainable investments make this possible. How you can use green bonds to make targeted investments in environmental projects without forgoing returns.

  7. fintech-banks-harness-the-potential-of-open-banking

    Fintech: banks harness the potential of open banking

    Banks collaborate closely with fintechs in order to offer their clients innovative services. The "Finanz und Wirtschaft" fintech conference explored the practical potential of open banking and where Credit Suisse is headed in this regard.

  8. dividend-strategies-rely-on-a-regular-dividend-yield

    Counting on dividends. Preventing risks.

    The financial markets have recovered. However, the price gains are largely attributed to investor sentiment, rather than improved earnings prospects. How dividend strategies work and why such defensive investment strategies are particularly interesting now.

  9. Investing in May: Time to increase equity exposure again

    Investing in May: Our forecast in brief 

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market trends over the short to medium term and their implications for investors. The economic situation is improving. Investors should increase their exposure to equities. 

  10. investing-the-most common-myths-when-it-comes-to-investing-money

    Myths are persistent. Beware of these five mistakes when investing.

    Investing is fraught with myths. This has the effect of either putting people off investing money or emboldening some to put far too much faith in investing. We debunk five widespread myths and give you the facts.