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  1. Growth prospects are falling: Increased volatility due to coronavirus

    Video interview with John Woods: Coronavirus is weighing on growth prospects

    The coronavirus is interfering heavily with industrial production in China and weighing on global economic growth prospects. Yet, the increased volatility on the markets ought to be short lived. What's more, there are still good investment opportunities in emerging markets.

  2. Market risk: Financial markets withstanding coronavirus epidemic

    Market risk from coronavirus? Don't panic. The financial markets are in good health.

    The coronavirus is stirring up fear. Panic is the wrong response for investors, though, since the financial markets have a healthy immune system. This is also evident when we look back on market developments during past epidemics. The market risk can be minimized through smart portfolio diversification.

  3. Investment strategy and interesting investment opportunities: Expert tips

    Investment solutions: Investment opportunities for every type of investor 

    There are countless investment opportunities. But which ones are worth my while? The experts from Credit Suisse's Investment Solutions unit keep pace with the latest trends and can assist during personal consultations.

  4. Alternative investments: The finishing touch on your investment strategy.

    Alternative investments can effectively combat the risks of volatile equity markets. Why? Because global real estate investments and hedge funds with merger arbitrage strategies in particular are known to generate returns, regardless of the stock markets. This makes them the perfect complement to your portfolio.

  5. Investing in February: Global industry on verge of recovery

    Investing in February: Our forecast in brief

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium-term and their implications for investors. The industrial sector can relax a little as it looks toward the future. Commodity investments are also looking attractive.

  6. Investment strategy 2020: Equity markets will cool down slightly

    Video with Michael Strobaek: Equity markets defy geopolitical crises

    After a successful 2019, the equity markets are likely to develop at a slightly more muted pace this year. Despite this, there are still plenty of opportunities in the markets. In a video, Michael Strobaek, Global CIO at Credit Suisse, explains which asset categories are likely to experience strong development and which strategies are currently very promising.

  7. Alternative investments: Achieve a more stable portfolio

    Achieve greater portfolio stability. With alternative investments. 

    Alternative investments are a good way to round off a portfolio and spread your risks. In Investment Outlook, Credit Suisse financial experts show how alternative investments are likely to perform in 2020 and why they represent an exciting investment opportunity.

  8. Investment Outlook: Equities – an attractive investment in 2020

    Investment Outlook: Will the stock market rally continue?

    Equity markets are likely to develop positively again in 2020. However, the Credit Suisse Investment Outlook shows why they are unlikely to perform as well as they did last year.

  9. Investing sustainably: Boom in sustainable investments

    Invest sustainably in good conscience. Green consumption is gaining traction.

    Sustainability is trendy. Millennials in particular place great emphasis on green consumption. Investors can also benefit from this if they invest sustainably. After all, sustainable investments currently have above-average growth potential.

  10. Investment Outlook: How investors earn positive returns despite low interest rates

    Investment Outlook: How investors earn positive returns despite low interest rates

    Low interest rates could once more pose challenges for investors in 2020. Yet, by diversifying, positive returns can be generated even in this investment environment. In this year's Investment Outlook, Credit Suisse's investment experts share their recommendations for a successful investment strategy.