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  1. Investing in December: Emerging market equities are attractive

    Investing in December: Our forecast in brief 

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market trends over the short to medium term as well as their implications for investors. Equities are still very attractive, particularly those from emerging markets. Following a lengthy downturn, global industry was able to stabilize itself once again.

  2. invest-in-gold-buying-gold-as-a-safe-investment

    Crisis-proof investment. Invest in gold and protect against market risks.

    Investors have an effective tool against the risk of economic crises and high inflation: Buying gold. Fact is, the precious metal is a safe investment in turbulent times as well. Find out how investors can invest their money in gold.

  3. Investing in 2020: Investment risks and opportunities in the new year

    Video with Michael Strobaek: Investment risks and opportunities in 2020

    What are the best investment opportunities in 2020? And where are the greatest investment risks? In a video interview, Michael Strobaek, Global CIO at Credit Suisse, offers his outlook for the financial markets for the year 2020.

  4. 2020 investment outlook remains positive. Despite lower expected returns.

    Low interest rates and a slowdown of the global economy are weighing on expected returns globally and in all asset classes. However, thanks to high risk premiums as compared to bonds, there are still attractive investment opportunities on the equity markets in 2020.

  5. The climate change economy: profit from sustainable investments

    Use private equity to enhance your risk/return profile.

    Private equity has become an attractive asset class for private investors. Private equity funds allow you to invest with low capital in attractive companies without the stock market. Read how investments in private equity can boost your portfolio, and what investors should keep in mind.

  6. When to invest? – Waiting for the perfect day doesn't pay.

    When to invest? – Waiting for the perfect day doesn't pay.

    When is the right day to invest? Many investors search for the moment at which an investment will yield attractive returns. But the time to invest is unequivocally "now." Because waiting as an investment strategy does not pay off over the long term.

  7. investing-in-november-us-and-it-stocks-likely-to-be-market-winners

    Investing in November: Our forecast in brief 

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium-term and their implications for investors. US equities are likely to triumph over their Swiss counterparts. Investments in IT and financials could prove lucrative.  

  8. Interest rate policy: Support for equity markets and economic development

    Walter Edelmann in the video: Interest rate policy supports the global economy

    Uncertainties are currently putting the global equity markets under pressure. Walter Edelmann, Chief Global Strategist at Credit Suisse, explains in the video why he is nonetheless optimistic about the future and how central banks in Europe and the US are supporting economic development with their interest rate policies.

  9. The climate change economy: profit from sustainable investments

    Climate change is real. What that means for investors.

    Climate change will have massive impacts on both society and the economy. Investors and companies will have to adapt. However, despite all the risks, climate change also brings new opportunities to the markets. Sustainable investments and new technologies have great potential.

  10. Stay Informed with Investment Advice and Expertise

    Stay Informed with Investment Advice and Expertise

    As an interested investor, you want to stay on top of current events in the economy and the markets. Which investments are trending? What is the latest expert opinion? What should one bear in mind when investing? Credit Suisse has extensive international expertise in the financial markets. We make this available to you in "Invest Better".