Being a philanthropist. For the greater good.

Are you concerned about social and environmental matters? Would you like to use your assets for charitable purposes? We look at what can be achieved through philanthropic donations, and how Credit Suisse will support you.

Anyone can be a philanthropist.

Everyone deserves respect and encouragement, in the eyes of people who describe themselves as philanthropists. Through their commitment and private assets, philanthropists champion the greater good. The term philanthropy was traditionally associated with foundations set up by extremely wealthy individuals such as Bill Gates.

These days, however, every one of us can be a philanthropist – regardless of the sum of money donated. In other words, all voluntary private financial donations can be seen as philanthropic activities that benefit society.

Philanthropic giving serves the greater good.

Philanthropic donations can be seen as investments – only without a financial return. Instead of monetary gain, the focus is on promoting the values that philanthropists hold dear. Donations may be used to finance vital projects for people living in poverty. Other programs foster research into diseases, protect the environment, and promote talent.

Donating a portion of your wealth to charity is one of the ways in which you can champion philanthropic values. Many people also decide to invest the profit from their investments in philanthropic projects. Alternatively, by means of a testamentary disposition to a foundation, you could donate your assets after you die.

Philanthropy at Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse supports philanthropic projects through its charitable umbrella foundations. Over 2,900 projects have already received support totaling 130 million Swiss francs. All foundations are neutral in political and religious terms.

Clients have the option of setting up a subfoundation under the umbrella of the ACCENTUS, EMPIRIS, or SYMPHASIS foundations. Trustees can choose their own personal philanthropic values. They have a free rein, and can decide the name, purpose, and mode of distribution themselves. The umbrella foundations handle a large portion of the administrative and management costs.

Umbrella foundations of Credit Suisse and their philanthropic focus


The ACCENTUS foundation was launched in 2000. Its focus is on promoting social, humanitarian, cultural, medical, and environmental works. For example, the "Verena Guggisberg-Lüthi" subfoundation promotes talented young people who wish to set up a company on the basis of their research successes. 



The EMPIRIS foundation was established in 2002 with the aim of supporting projects in research, science, and education. The "Hörnli" subfoundation invests in working groups that investigate the causes and therapeutic aspects of Alzheimer's disease.



The SYMPHASIS foundation has likewise existed since 2002, and focuses on social, environmental, cultural, and health/sports-related organizations. For instance, the "Yalda" subfoundation supports education for poor and traumatized children in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.