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  1. crude-oil-prices-outlook-on-the-development-of-oil-prices-in-2019

    Focus on crude oil: Prices are likely to rise again after turbulence

    Oil prices experienced some turbulence in late 2018: oil prices fell across the globe. A deterioration of the fundamental aspects and high volatility were the causes of this price drop. But how will the price of crude oil develop in the new year?

  2. impact-investing-growing-interest-in-investing-with-a-purpose

    Impact investing: Pay it forward

    Sustainable and impact investing are experiencing remarkable growth. Marisa Drew, Chief Executive Officer of the Impact Advisory & Finance department at Credit Suisse explains the opportunities offered by sustainable investing.

  3. The TINA principle is out. The forecasts for the world economy in 2019 are good.

    No alternative? TINA is out – we are ready for 2019

    The TINA principle (= there is no alternative) seems to be out. The world economy is in for an interesting year in 2019. Global differences in growth, monetary policy, and geopolitics will likely present investors with challenges.

  4. focus-on-the-global-economy-will-recession-follow-the-bear-market

    A look-back at the global economy: The upswing before the downturn

    Advanced equity market cycles often create good returns. Although the momentum of the global economy is slowing down and suggesting an imminent recession, there are valid reasons to have patience with equities. We look at past and future developments. 

  5. investment-outlook-the-us-fed-is-maintaining-a-tight-monetary-policy

    Investment Outlook: World follows US Fed’s tightening path

    Inflation is expected to rise slightly in industrialized countries, but remain stable in emerging markets. Combined with the US Fed's tight monetary policy, this is having a significant effect on the financial markets, as Credit Suisse's Investment Outlook shows.

  6. infrastructure-supertrend-infrastructure-equities-show-potential

    Infrastructure equities: Upward potential despite obstacles

    The Credit Suisse Supertrend «Infrastructure – Closing the gap» has faced a number of headwinds in 2018. The G20 meeting in Argentina was set to put infrastructure back into the spotlight on a global level. Infrastructure equities are attractive.

  7. exchange-2018-credit-suisse-cio-switzerland-gives-a-video-interview

    Burkhard Varnholt in a video interview: Lessons learned in 2018

    "Prepare, don’t predict." – Burkhard Varnholt, Credit Suisse's CIO Switzerland, draws his conclusion from the events on the exchange in 2018. In a video interview, he explains why the US dollar will soon have to fight for its place as a global currency and gives investment tips for 2019.

  8. investment-outlook-main-investment-themes

    Investment Outlook: Three investment themes to focus on in 2019

    Every year, Credit Suisse determines the top investment themes in its Investment Outlook. For 2019, they are interest rate normalization, regional economic divergence, and new geopolitical regimes.

  9. market-in-2018-cio-switzerland-of-credit-suisse-gives-video-interview

    Burkhard Varnholt video on market corrections in 2018

    Another correction rocked the market at the end of 2018. Nonetheless, Burkhard Varnholt, CIO Switzerland at Credit Suisse, makes a positive economic forecast for next year. In the video, he explains why continued growth is to be expected.

  10. esports-as-an-investment-trend-invest-in-esports-equities

    Digitalization of leisure time: eSports are captivating the world

    Digitalization is taking over the gaming world. eSports attract an audience of millions of people and result in sold-out stadiums. The prize money is in the seven-figure range. How eSports are becoming more important in Switzerland and how investors are investing in eSports equities.