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  1. indirect-real-estate-investments-positive-annual-performance-expected

    Positive annual performance expected from indirect Swiss real estate investments

    Indirect investments in Swiss real estate experienced value adjustments last year. These turned out to be an overreaction. The price-risk ratio is very attractive once again. We therefore expect a positive annual performance from real estate funds and equities.

  2. investments-in-march-neutral-outlook-for-global-equities

    Investments in March: Our forecast in brief

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market trends over the short to medium term and their implications for investors. Global equities reduced to neutral.

  3. economy-in-china-economic-growth-despite-challenges

    China's economy is facing challenges. Yet these can be overcome.

    Despite the trade war, the 2019 investment year should be positive for the economy in China. Find out how China is overcoming these challenges and why there are still investment opportunities there.

  4. investing-money-without-risk-tips-for-uncertain-times

    Financial market uncertainty stirs up fears. This is how to invest your money more safely.

    There is no way of investing money without risk. Political or economic growth concerns weigh on the financial markets time after time. How should investors react during uncertain times? Important tips on how to invest your money safely.

  5. high-frequency-traders-on-the-exchange-survival-of-the-fastest

    Fast, faster. High-frequency traders.

    Milliseconds count: With the aid of supercomputers and fast data connections, high-frequency traders try to make a profit trading on the stock market. How does this automated equity trading work?

  6. Augmented and virtual reality: The trend is growing

    Augmented reality: A particularly promising trend

    The digitalization trend of augmented and virtual reality is continuously expanding in virtually all areas of life, thus offering attractive investment opportunities for investors, who can expect stable and above-average investment performance.

  7. investing-in-february-less-momentum-on-financial-markets

    Investing in February: Our forecast in brief

    Credit Suisse's perspective on economic and financial market trends over the short to medium term and their implications for investors. A combination of equities from the energy, financial, IT and healthcare sectors is a promising approach.

  8. 2019 economic forecast: market analysis of three scenarios

    2019 economic forecast: three possible scenarios

    An analysis of recent years shows that surprises are never far away on the markets. This is why successful investors work on the basis of probabilities, remain flexible and consider a range of market scenarios. Three well-known scenarios in economic forecasting are the optimistic "bull" scenario, the middling scenario and the pessimistic or "bear" scenario. Three forecasts for the economy in 2019:

  9. Robots are revolutionizing the economy

    Robots are revolutionizing the economy

    The future is within our reach – More and more companies are betting on the automation of processes. The Credit Suisse Supertrend "Technology at the service of humans" promises great opportunities for investors. Thanks to robots, exciting automation opportunities that are permanently changing our lives are presenting themselves.

  10. crude-oil-prices-outlook-on-the-development-of-oil-prices-in-2019

    Focus on crude oil: Prices are likely to rise again after turbulence

    Oil prices experienced some turbulence in late 2018: oil prices fell across the globe. A deterioration of the fundamental aspects and high volatility were the causes of this price drop. But how will the price of crude oil develop in the new year?