Viva Kids World Journey of discovery through the bank

Journey of discovery through the bank

Level of knowledge: master

The imaginary bank robbers

Almost there: If the Viva Kids sell all the lemonade today, they can finally buy the missing materials for their tree house. But then Sophie sees two big, scary men at the ATM across the street. They're not planning on robbing the ATM, are they?

What do you know about the bank?

When you put money into your Digipigi, you are using a product from the bank. When else do you use things from the bank? For instance, have you ever deposited money into your account? Can you think of more examples?

Laura with Digipigi on her head

Level of knowledge: professional

Did you know...

Many banks are very big. They have many branches – often even all over the world – and many employees. More than 47,000 people, for instance, work at Credit Suisse. That's more than the number of people living in the city of Thun. They work in 50 countries, meaning one in every fourth country in the world.

Map of Switzerland with many small branches

Level of knowledge: expert

In most bank head offices or larger branches, there is a big safe. It is so big that you can walk into it.

Often, the big safe is in the cellar with the clients' safe deposit boxes, deep below the earth.


To keep the safe secure, only very few employees know how to get there.

In addition, you can't just open the safe. It is protected by many different security levels.

The safe is mostly used for valuable objects – like old paintings, for example – coins, important documents, or gold.

There is not much money there. Most of the cash is distributed between small safes in the branches and ATMs.

In addition, a lot of money only exists in digital form today and is managed by the bank with computers.

The secret of the safe

The digital safe

Bank robbers robbed a bank in Sweden. Because there was no longer any cash at the bank, the robbers left empty-handed. Because a lot of money only exists digitally on the computer, the bank must protect its computers and its systems well. After all, there are also thieves on the internet.

Image with a bank robber with a money bag on their back

Bank experts know this

1. The ATM is the smallest unit of the bank. This is how the bank makes sure that everyone who has an account can withdraw money at any time.
2. In addition to the ATMs, there are also branches and a head office. Many people work there and there's always something going on.
3. In most bank head offices, there is indeed a large safe. They are mostly used to keep valuable objects.
After all, most money only exists digitally now.
4. To make sure the bank's safe is secure, it is well protected.

Jan with a light bulb


Ben is the youngest member of the Viva Kids gang. He knows a lot of jokes and has many ideas in his head, which is why you always laugh when you're around him.

Fortunately, Ben can also laugh about himself. Even when one of his experiments goes wrong. Ben happens to be a true tinkerer. His favorite thing is to program something useful on his computer.

Recently, Ben became the first of the Viva Kids to get a mobile phone. "Quite valuable," he thought to himself. Since then, he can't get a question out of his mind: "What is actually truly valuable?"

Ben with protective goggles and his computer

Ben's favorite game

What you need: two metal boxes, multicolor paper, a pencil, 18 coins, and two dice. All you have to do now is build the game according to the instructions and get started: who will crack the combination first?

Preview image with calculation game

Hello bank!

Take a look at the inside of a bank if you can. You can empty your Digipigi there. At the counter or at the ATM. Either way, you can pick up a surprise from Viva Kids World when you're done.

Sophie with Digipigi in front of the bank

Build your own branch

Have you always wanted to be a bank boss? Then build your own bank branch with everything that goes with it – money, debit card, bank receipts, employee IDs, payment station, safe, and safe deposit boxes.

Preview image with branch