Viva Kids World The Mystery of Digital Money

The Mystery of Digital Money

Level of knowledge: master

Invisible Money

Jan's bank has sent him his first Maestro card. The Viva Kids want to use it to finally buy the remaining materials for their tree house. At the home improvement store, they realize that the card does not work. But why not?

Take a Good Look at the Maestro Card

What is written on it? Can you find the name of the bank? Or the wave sign? Any cards that have this symbol can be used to make contactless payments.

Magnifying glass over a Viva Kids Maestro card

Level of knowledge: professional

Money from the ATM

You can take money out of your account at an ATM. The ATM will give you banknotes. When you do this, digital money is deducted from your account and converted to cash. You can then use the banknotes to pay at a store. By the way, digital money is also called "book money."

Ben at ATM


Make a note when you get money from an ATM and check your account movements in the Digipigi Kids app or on your account statement.

Preview image of timeline

Money Is Still Money

No matter whether you pay with coins and bills or digital money, you spend money whenever you buy something. So you have less money, even if you cannot see and touch digital money. It makes sense to keep digital money at the bank to save, though. It is safe there and you earn interest.

Image with bank, Digipigi, and pile of coins

Level of knowledge: expert

Mom, Can We Buy This Online?

You should only ever shop online with an adult. This is because online shopping can also be risky. So always ask your parents if you want to buy something online.

Laura with her mom

Nowadays, we can shop not just in stores, but also online.

To do this, we don't go to a store, but look at what we want on a seller's website.


Instead of using an actual shopping cart, we click on items to place in our online shopping cart.

Instead of standing in line at the cash register to make a purchase, we have the items sent to our home.

Digital money is used to pay for purchases. Either we receive a bill that we then pay by transferring money.

Or we can pay directly on the website, for example using TWINT.

The items are then sent to our home by post.

Online Shopping and Payments

Warning, Be Careful, Look Out!

You can quickly lose sight of how much money you spend with online shopping. So you should always be very careful and consider all your income and expenses.

Image with computer and warning sign

Invisible, But Not Free

We cannot see digital money, but we also buy things that are invisible. Even though we cannot touch them, they still cost money and we have to pay for them. For instance, the music we buy online or a movie that we download. Sometimes games for your cell phone also cost money. Can you think of more examples?

Laura with headphones and cell phone

What Digital Money Experts Know

1. Although digital money is invisible, you still have to earn it.
2. It is in an account at a bank. You can withdraw it from an ATM and convert it to cash.
3. Or you use digital money to pay – for example, with the Viva Kids Debit Mastercard, your cell phone, or a transfer.
4. You need a personal identification number (PIN) to make sure that payments using digital money are secure.
5. You can also use digital money to shop online. However, you need to keep a close eye on your income and expenses.

Jan with a light bulb


Sophie is a happy, ten-year old girl who can whistle really loud through her teeth. But Sophie only does that sometimes. Instead, she prefers to follow the rules and knows exactly when something goes too far.

Once a week, Sophie takes care of her foster horse, Stella. She loves animals more than anything.

When she is lying in the field with her horse watching the butterflies, she often wonders what happiness means to her. Does money make you happy? Or what if the entire world were free?

Sophie with her horse and a butterfly

Make Your Own Climbing Butterfly

You will need thick paper, water colors or acrylic paint, a pencil, scissors, tape, two small coins, a straw, and a piece of string. Then you can get started on making your own butterfly.

Preview image with climbing butterfly

Have you received some cash? Drop it in your Digipigi. You can also put your money into your Digipigi in the app.

In the overview, you can see the amount of cash that is now in your Digipigi.


Bring your Digipigi to the bank, where your cash will be deposited into your account and converted to digital money.

You also get digital money if your parents transfer your pocket money or pay for doing a chore to your account.

Have you already done a chore but not been paid yet? If so, you will see the amount under "Pending."

Then, if you use your Viva Kids Debit Mastercard to take out money, you will have less digital money and it will be converted back to cash.

You are also spending digital money when you use your Maestro card to pay at a store. This means you have less money.

This Is How Your Cash Becomes Digital Money


There are two accounts in your Viva Kids Banking Package. One is there for saving. This account is called a savings account and gives you more interest. The other one is called a private account. This is where your pocket money or pay for chores goes. This is also where money gets taken out if you use your Viva Kids Debit Mastercard to withdraw money at an ATM or pay for something at a shop.

Image with bank, Digipigi, Maestro card, and pile of coins

Account Statement, Please!

There are annual account statements for your Viva Kids account. An account statement gives you an overview of your account. On it, you can see exactly how much digital money you have and how much you have spent and earned. Have a look at your account statement. It will also show you how much interest you have received.

Preview image of Viva Kids account statement