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Peace of mind for you and your family

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  1. Financial security: Thanks to income replacement insurance and other benefits

    Financial security for you and your family

    Do I have adequate financial security if something happens to me that means I am no longer able to work? What would my partner's financial situation look like? Would my family be well protected? These are questions that we should all ask ourselves at some point in our lives, because there are various benefits available to you and your family depending on your specific circumstances. Find out how to ensure financial security in the context of specific family compositions.

  2. Making guardianship provisions – thinking ahead for your children

    Making a guardianship provision: thinking ahead for your children

    If both parents of a minor child die, or the parent with sole custody dies, CAPA will choose a guardian. By drafting a guardianship provision, parents can make their wishes known for the worst-case scenario.

  3. Advance directives and living wills: Self-determination in every life situation

    Self-determination in every life situation. Thanks to advance directives and living wills.

    Strokes of misfortune don't have a schedule. That's why advance directives and living wills cover all contingencies and ensure a self-determined life. This is only possible, however, if you make use of the configuration options. The differences between advance directives and living wills at a glance.

  4. Advance directive: Download a sample and draw it up by hand

    Use a sample to draw up an advance directive. Set out your own wishes.

    If a person no longer has the capacity to make decisions due to an accident or serious illness, they become dependent on the help of third parties. Our template will help you to draw up an advance directive by hand.

  5. Advance directive – the key terms

    Eight Terms Relating to Advance Directives That You Should Know

    Child and adult protection legislation makes it possible for a legally competent person to set out in advance their wishes and instructions in the event that they lose the capacity to make rational decisions due to an accident, serious illness, or infirmity related to old age. Here you will find the key terms relating to advance directives.

  6. Self-Determination Instead of External Determination

    Self-Determination Instead of External Determination: The Advance Directive

    Since 2013, it has been possible for you to make advance arrangements to ensure that your financial and health requests are still fulfilled in the event of an accident or severe illness, if you are no longer able to do so yourself.

  7. Widow's Pension if I Remarry

    Do I Lose My Entitlement to a Widow's Pension if I Remarry?

    A widow's pension is paid to a wife or ex-wife of a deceased husband or ex-husband until she remarries. A change in marital status must always be reported to the compensation office. Otherwise, this could result in large repayments.

  8. conservatorship and investment what a conservator needs to know

    Investments for Protected Persons: What a Conservator Needs to Know

    The previous guardianship legislation was completely redrafted in 2013. At the same time, an ordinance entered into force that governs how the assets of protected persons may be invested. Roman Ziegler, a Credit Suisse expert, answers the question: What does the conservator of a protected person need to know?

  9. Advance Directive for Entrepreneur

    Advance Directive for Entrepreneur

    Persons who lead a company have to minimize risks to their company. This also includes thinking about what will happen if they are no longer capable of sound judgment. After an accident, after a serious illness, or as a result of age, for instance. An advance directive is also a suitable tool for entrepreneurs.