Financial security in the event of disability or death

Financial security for every family situation

There's nothing worse than an unexpected event that results in disability or even death. To ensure that finances do not cause additional strain in these difficult times, you should not put off financial arrangements for yourself and your loved ones. 

Switzerland's three-pillar principle provides not only for the period after retirement. It also provides financial security in the event that the insured person cannot maintain their standard of living in a worst-case scenario. For disability due to illness, the accident insurance and AHV will pay you a disability pension. The amount depends on the degree of disability.

If the insured person dies due to illness, in many cases the Swiss pension system will pay out the retirement capital to surviving dependents in the form of a pension or a lump-sum payment. Whether the surviving partner receives the accrued retirement capital depends on their civil status. Spouses and registered partners are considered beneficiaries automatically under all three pillars, whereas cohabiting partners may not inherit anything. Retirement savings from single persons without children can be paid out to family members under many pension fund regulations.

Read about the specifics for all family situations, and when additional insurance is advisable. 

Financial security in the event of disability or death

Financial security for married couples

Married couples are entitled to the most mutual financial protection by law. Read about the benefits paid to each family member.

Financial security for children and spouses
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Financial security for cohabiting couples

Cohabitation is an alternative to marriage, but there is much less of a financial safety net for your partner.

Providing financial protection for a cohabiting partner
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Financial security for registered partnerships

Although the law considers a registered partnership to be the same as marriage in many ways, there are exceptions.

Security for your life partner
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Financial security for singles

Independence even in old age? It's possible for singles who make financial provisions for themselves and family members in an emergency.

Financial protection for yourself and family members
Disability and death: Benefits available to singles

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