Widow's Pension if I Remarry

Do I Lose My Entitlement to a Widow's Pension if I Remarry?

A widow's pension is paid to a wife or ex-wife of a deceased husband or ex-husband until she remarries. A change in marital status must always be reported to the compensation office. Otherwise, this could result in large repayments.

When Is Someone Entitled to a Widow's Pension?

If a married woman's husband dies, she receives a widow's pension if they have children, or if the surviving spouse is at least 45 years old and was married for at least five years. 
A divorced woman whose ex-husband dies is entitled to a widow's pension if she has children, or if she was over 45 when the divorce occurred and the marriage lasted at least ten years. A divorced woman is also entitled if heryoungest child turns 18 after she turns 45. Widowers only receive a surviving spouse's pension if they have children under the age of 18 who need to be cared for. 

Remarriage Brings Many Changes

If a woman decides to remarry, her entitlement to a widow's pension lapses at the end of the month following the new marriage. It is a different story for orphan's pensions, which continue to be paid to the children. This entitlementlapses on their 18th birthday or once they have completed their studies, but no later than their 25th birthday.
If a widower decides to remarry, he is no longer entitled to a surviving spouse's pension either, although in this case, the orphan's pensions continue just as for a widow.

Widow's Pension for Registered Partnerships

If one partner in a registered partnership dies, the surviving partner is considered the same as a widow or widower. In other words, the survivor's pension is only paid if there are children who have not yet reached the age of 18.

Notify the Compensation Office in Any Event

It is important to remember to notify the AHV compensation office in writing in the event of remarriage or a new registered partnership. After all, anyone who draws insurance benefits without being legally entitled is sometimes required to make large repayments at short notice.