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  1. Switzerland's 3-pillar model

    Retirement provision in Switzerland. The three-pillar principle explained simply.

    Retirement provision in Switzerland is based on three pillars. Together, they form the solid basis for comprehensive old-age security. The three pillars also offer financial security in the event of death and disability. Watch the video to find out how the three-pillar principle is structured and how it works. 

  2. What Does My Dream Home Cost?

    Looking for the right financing for your residential property? Using our online financing inquiry, you can request a personal offer around the clock with little effort.

  3. Retail Outlook 2017: Swiss Retail Sector in Upheaval

    Credit Suisse Study on Prospects for the Swiss Retail Sector

  4. Testament and Disposal of Estate.

    What Must Everyone Consider in Their Estate Planning?

    Estate planning is a matter that is factual and rational, whilst being emotional at the same time. Many factors play a role. It is worthwhile analyzing one’s own situation on a regular basis and being familiar with the legal provisions. 

  5. New option: "1e" pension plans
  6. Roman Ziegler, investment specialist for conservatorship assets, Zurich

    Investments for Protected Persons: What a Conservator Needs to Know

    The previous guardianship legislation was completely redrafted in 2013. At the same time, an ordinance entered into force that governs how the assets of protected persons may be invested. Roman Ziegler, a Credit Suisse expert, answers the question: What does the conservator of a protected person need to know?

  7. Frontier markets – the richly diverse path to yield

    Credit Suisse Research Institute launches “The Next Frontier” report and the Credit Suisse Frontier Markets group of 30 countries, accounting for USD 3.7 trillion of economic output

  8. Benefits from the pension fund of the deceased partner in cases of cohabitation

    If one cohabiting partner dies, what benefits will be paid out from this partner's pension fund?

    Each pension fund specifies what benefits it will pay to the surviving partner upon the death of the other partner in cases of cohabitation. In general, the Federal Act on Employee Benefits Insurance does not provide for such death benefits.

  9. The Swiss Economy in 2017: The SNB Is Battling a Structurally Strong Swiss Franc

    Economic Forecast for 2017 from Credit Suisse