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  1. Maximum Pillar 3a amount in 2024

    Maximum Pillar 3a amount in 2024

    Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHV) and employee benefits insurance (BVG) only cover 60 to 70 percent of the previous household income after retirement. If you want to maintain your accustomed standard of living even in your old age, you should therefore contribute the maximum Pillar 3a amount every year. But what are the maximum Pillar 3a amounts for 2024?

  2. Employee benefits insurance in the case of multiple jobs. What you need to know.

    Multiple jobs: What you need to know about your pension fund 

    These days, many employees work part time for several employers. This means that, despite regular income, they don't earn enough to fall directly under statutory BVG insurance. Nonetheless, they too should provide for their retirement. What solutions are available for this with employee benefits insurance? 

  3. Closing pension gaps. Swiss pension system

    Identifying, avoiding, and closing pension gaps early on

    If a pension is not large enough to cover a person's normal expenses, this is known as a pension gap. What are the potential causes of such a gap and what options does the Swiss pension system provide for avoiding or closing them at an early stage?

  4. Partial retirement: Key facts on staggered retirement

    Leave the world of work step-by-step with partial retirement

    Partial retirement enables gainfully employed persons to gradually reduce their level of employment, provided that their employer allows this. Find out what you need to consider and why detailed planning is key if you intend to take phased retirement.

  5. Living big in a small way: The tiny-house movement

    Living big in a small way: The tiny-house movement

    What's the smallest space you could live in? Six square meters? Twenty? Forty-five? The latter is the Swiss average per capita. Tiny houses prove that good things do indeed come in small packages. As the perfect size for a single person, micro-houses have potential in Switzerland.

  6. Taxes on real estate: Paying the appropriate taxes on your property

    Correct real estate taxation – how to make tax savings

    Anyone who owns a property must pay tax on it. If you plan in advance, you can benefit from various tax deductions on an owner-occupied home. Find out what taxes are levied on real estate and how you as a homeowner can make tax savings.

  7. Protecting your home: Buildings insurance and other home insurance

    Protect your house. How to ensure you're well covered.

    When you buy or build your dream home, you want to protect it. There are a number of options when it comes to insuring your home. Find out what types of home insurance are mandatory and what other insurance coverage could make sense for your home.

  8. Transitional financing: Interim financing for your home

    Moving from one home to the next: Complex transitional financing

    Our housing needs change as we get older, and a smaller apartment could be a better option than staying in the current family home. In most cases, though, people need the capital raised from selling their current home in order to purchase a new property. Transitional financing can be used to bridge the period between purchasing a new property and selling your current home, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

  9. Buying a home – tips on buying your own home

    Buying a home – tips on buying your own home

    The dream of owning your own home is often overshadowed by concerns and misconceptions. This means it's important to gather extensive information in advance and give yourself plenty of time for planning and for the purchasing process itself. Find out what you need to look out for and when it may be worth talking to specialists.

  10. building-vs-buying-a-house-building-is-expensive-and-takes-time

    Building vs. buying a house – these five questions help when making a decision

    Building your ideal home is a dream for many Swiss people. There are some arguments in favor of building a new house, but some against it too. The following five questions will help you to find out if it would be better for you to build a new house or to buy an existing one.